Our HESS Heros

We’re introducing a new way to help tell your stories, so that others can Listen and Learn from you experience, so we can all do the right thing every time. Here is where you can find a whole host of animated characters, based on our colleagues ship and shore, telling us their stories about who has been their HESS Hero. 

Our HESS culture is defined by our commitment to Listening and Learning from one another and empowering ourselves and others to ensure we do the right thing every time.

Simply click on the characters below to hear their story. 

Become imortalised as a HESS Hero!

We’d like to hear your story. And you could be turned into your very own HESS Hero animation! Who’s been an inspiration to you and has become your HESS Hero? Remember, when you submit your story, please link it to the Culture Essentials and/or the Golden Rules. 

Click here to submit your story






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