Condeco desk booking system

Getting started

To access the desktop version of the booking system visit  You’ll need to enter single sign on details to access the platform. If you are new to using the booking system you’ll need to register first time. We recommend using Chrome for the best user experience.

If you are a new Condeco user you will need to register via the desktop version before you can use the app.

Condeco Mobile App

For access on the go we encourage you to also download the mobile app to your work or personal device.  The App now allows you to book a desk and/or a room at Carnival House. 

To download the App

  1. Go to your app store on your mobile phone and search for ‘Condeco’  – it will look like the picture to the right.   Then download to your phone.  
  2. Once downloaded, follow the steps on your phone, and when prompted to add your Companies URL please enter 
  3. Sign in via Okta.
  4. You are now logged into the new Condeco app and can view your existing bookings.

User guides

If you’re accessing the booking system from a desktop and would prefer to follow a guide, we’ve produced a user guide for you to use here. Within the guide you’ll find out how to:

  • Book a desk
  • Book a meeting space
  • Book a Tech Bar appointment

If you’re accessing the system via your mobile and would like to follow a guide on how to book a desk, watch the short video below. Subtitles can be switched on by clicking on the cog icon at the bottom right hand corner of the video, and selecting subtitles > English (auto generated).

Need help?

A super user is a colleague who has been trained to use the Condeco booking system and provide support to people in their department. They can help you with questions you might have and are also able to book desks on your behalf if you need to work outside of your assigned neighbourhood.  To find out who your super users are click here.   

If you notice any configuration issues when using the tool, for example, you haven’t been assigned to the right neighbourhood; please get in touch with Facilities by raising a query form.

If you can’t access the booking system, i.e.: the URL isn’t working, or you can’t sign in please contact the IT Service desk by raising an incident request here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

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