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If you have an accident in the office or whilst working at home it’s really important you let us know. To report an accident get in touch with Facilities or speak with one of your colleagues who are first aid trained. 

In the case of a fire or serious incident the need to evacuate the building should supersede all Covid-19 measures. Therefore, in the event of a building evacuation please follow the usual evacuation procedure. There are two exits each side of the South (front) of the building and an exit on the North (rear) on each floor. The muster point is the car park opposite Carnival House, behind the black railings. To support evacuation of the building we have a number of colleagues who are trained as fire officers, find out more here

Your incoming post (both internal and external) will be delivered to your nearest hub in the morning so you can collect it from there after 10.30. Any external post/courier deliveries requiring your signature will be brought directly to your desk during the day by the Dockmaster office (Ext 5033).

Put any outgoing post for ships, office or external addresses, in the pigeon hole in the hub by 10.30am each morning. If you miss the pick-up, you can drop it to the Post Room which is on the ground floor (go through the doors to the left of the kitchen, turn left and you’ll find it at the end of the corridor on your right).
The Post Room deliver post to the ships immediately upon their arrival in Southampton. When the ships are operating fly-cruises or on their world cruises, post can be sent via the Post Room as normal to selected ports. Ship postal dates can be found under ‘Ship Information’ on the Bridge. Larger deliveries can be sent in containers or via air-freight. To do this please contact Ian Brooks in Supply Chain Services on Ext 5435.
If you need to send something by courier or special delivery, you’ll need to complete the attached form, get it signed by your manager and then take the form and parcel to the Post Room by 15:00. 
Any personal post/deliveries should be sent to a personal delivery address, not to Carnival House unless by prior agreement with the Post Room.

Premium Mail & Courier Request Form

If you have any queries contact the Post Room at southampton.postroom@carnivalukgroup.com

Flexible hours

To enable better communication and collaboration we ask that a minimum of 60% of your working week is spend at Carnival House, however  there’s no expectation that you adopt 9:00-17:00, unless your role requires it (or it’s your preference to work these hours). For example you may choose to work 10:00 – 15:00 in the office for meetings and to connect with colleagues in person to avoid peak travel times. To allow for desks to be cleaned each evening we ask that everyone leaves the office by 19:00.  To help you better understand our hybrid working approach watch the video here and read through the FAQs here. We know that sometimes things happen that will force you to work remotely when you may have planned to be in the office. If this happens and you are unable to flex your days to be in the office 60% of the time please speak with your Line Manager. Changes to your plans could impact others, so be open with your manager, your team and keep others informed.

ID and building access

The main doors at Carnival House are locked so when arriving to the office via the main entrance please swipe your ID card or press the help button and someone from Reception or Security will help you. Please make sure you have your company ID visible at all times while in the office. 

Personal belongings

To help make sure all our workspaces are welcoming and ready to use please  don’t leave personal belongings behind. These should be stored either in your locker, pedestal, team cupboard, or take them home with you. If you have a pedestal or cupboard that is locked and you can’t find the key, complete this form and Facilities will be able to provide you with a spare key. If you have a locker and you can’t remember your locker code email Facilities and they’ll be able to help you reset this. If you know your locker code and want to reset it, it’s easy to do too. Follow the instructions here.

Food and drink

You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, snacks and hot/cold drinks from the Atrium Café between 07:30 and 16:30. For more info including their weekly menu, click here. If bringing in food and drink from home, you’re welcome to use the fridges in the kitchen areas on every floor. We also offer both free and paid for vending machine options in each kitchen area for drinks and snacks. We no longer offer single use cups for drinks so if you can, please do bring in your own mug or travel cup to ease pressure on our catering team. During 12:00 and 14:00 we encourage a no meeting policy to make sure there is enough room in our Atrium for everyone to enjoy their lunch away from their desk.


All colleagues can apply for a parking space each week using the Wayleadr app. To find out more, click here. If you are expecting a visitor who needs parking please encourage them to use the local carparks. From April 2024 we will also offer Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers in the BSA car park.


In the undercroft you’ll find a shower room and a drying room, find out more here. These area can be used by all colleagues. You’ll also find some lockers which can be used for those who need to store spare clothes, cycling helmets etc.


On every floor you’ll find two toilets areas on each balcony and we also have toilets available at the back of the building on each floor. Our toilets on the ground floor are gender neutral and are available for everyone to use.

Quiet room

We have a non bookable quiet space on the ground floor that can be used for prayer and reflection. You’re welcome to use this space as you need to.

First aid

If you have an accident in the office or whilst working at home it’s really important you let us know. To report an accident get in touch with Facilities or speak with one of your first aid trained colleagues – you’ll find their details on the noticeboard in each printer hub area.


We have a smoking area at the rear of the building in the undercroft. Smoking, including use of vapes and e-cigarettes is forbidden in our car park, on the roof top terrace and on the pavement that surrounds the building. 


We welcome visitors to Carnival House, including friends and family. If you’re planning on having visitors to the building you must book them in in advance – you can do this by completing the visitor access request form at least 48 hours in advance of your visitors arrival. Reception will contact you when your visitors have arrived.

Bookable spaces

All desks as well as our Ideation space on floor one, are bookable via Condeco. Once in the office, you’ll find handy reference numbers on the corners of all desks to help you find your way. All our other bookable meeting rooms can be booked via Outlook. So that new starters are able to use our bookable spaces from day 1, line Managers of new starters should speak to their departments super user to arrange desk bookings prior to new starters first day – super users can be found on The Insider, search CONDECO. When new starters go to their induction session they will be given the information they need to get themselves set up in Condeco (and Wayleadr). Once set up new starters will be able to book desks up to four weeks in advance.

Non bookable spaces

We offer a variety of non bookable spaces from collaboration spaces to focus zones and touchdown areas. To find out more about these, click here.

Reporting a facilities fault

If there’s an issue with set up of a workspace please report it as soon as your discover it. We try to resolve issues as soon as possible and will always advise the reporter of a fault how long a repair may take.

Connecting to the internet

When in the office you should be  automatically prompted to connect to the CarnivalHouseWiFi network which is our ‘guest’ network.  If you don’t receive an automatic prompt click on the WiFi icon at the bottom right of your laptop screen and select ‘hidden network’. The password for the hidden network is ‘CarnivalUK’. (Capital ‘C’, Capital ‘UK’). We know that connectivity can be poor in some areas of the building and therefore we will be changing provider and doubling the number of access points within the building  in the coming months. When possible we recommend always working from a wired network connection for the best reliability and speed.  


Working in a hybrid way virtual meetings will continue to be part of our day to day. To minimise noise when taking calls in the office we encourage you to use a headset which you can request from Technology at the Tech Bar.

Reporting an IT fault

All workspaces should be set up with all the IT equipment you need, if this isn’t the case please contact  IT Support. or visit the team in the Tech Bar.

IT equipment for working remotely

If you need additional equipment for use when you work remotely please don’t take equipment from desks, instead you can raise an IT request here.

HESS feedback stations

One of our company goals is to evolve our HESS culture from compliance, to commitment. That means creating a place where we all do the right thing because we want to, not because we have to. You’ll find HESS feedback stations all around Carnival House and we also encourage you to continue to report Near Misses and share Bright Ideas here.

Fire safety and evacuation 

In the event of a building evacuation please follow the usual evacuation procedure. There are two exits each side of the South (front) of the building and an exit on the North (rear) on each floor. The muster point is the car park opposite Carnival House, behind the black railings. To support evacuation of the building we also have a number of colleagues who are trained as fire officers

Reporting concerns 

If you have any immediate concerns about something you see in the building please contact Facilities. It’s an important part of our culture that anyone who has concerns should be able to share them and know that they’ll be taken seriously.

Be Cyber secure

Please continue to be vigilant of anything that feels like a threat to our digital safety. To report concerns call Technology on 02380 656000. Alternatively, if you receive an email that you suspect is a scam be sure to click ‘submit a Phish’ in Outlook to notify our IT team. 

Display screen equipment (DSE)

If you need support with your DSE set up, or you believe you require a fixed set up due to medical reasons please contact Facilities.


If you’re unwell it’s important you take time to rest and recover. Please speak with your line manager and if not working from the office, cancel any bookings you have for workspaces/car parking.

  1. Facilities – Carnival.House@carnivalukgroup.com
  2. Technology – Call 02380 656000 or report a fault online.
  3. Occupational Health – OHS@carnivalukgroup.com
  4. Reception – Reception@carnivalukgroup.com
  5. Security – Call 07917 520 076
  6. People support – 023 8065 6666
  7. Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) – 0800 358 48 58
  8. Business Continuity – 023 8065 6169

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