Project Managers’ Peer Support Group

Working in a project management role can often mean a lot of work in isolation. Individuals, especially new joiners may be left to their own devices to navigate through the day-to-day challenges and make quick decisions without having the time to consult or review. This Peer Support Group for PMs (PM PSG) was set up in July 2022 where project managers (new or experienced; in the role or the business) from across the business can join to exchange best practices and tips. This group is employee-led, with every member involved in leading discussions, and so on. We take quarterly turns to manage meetings and lead discussions every month.

Team members bring their individual PM toolkits, explore best practices, address challenges, share project management experiences from different functions, the approach that works, the governance followed, the appropriate adaptations required on PM principles and framework, and take away what is currently lacking in their units. We would very much like to continue expanding the team as the more members we have the more areas of the business we get in touch with for resources and tips.

This group now has over 80 team members.

A monthly session runs via teams and/CH for members to attend. If you are interested to join, please contact  or Join the PM PSG Teams Channel here.

Click here for the Terms of Reference.

PM PSG Calendar of Sessions

We are pleased to publish our Q2 2024 calendar of sessions that are open for anyone interested to join these topical discussions. Please remember to add the meeting dates to your outlook diaries for the sessions you are keen to join.

March 2024

When: 21st March, Thursday, 11 – 11:45 am UK time.

Where: CH Ground Floor, New York Meeting Room

What: We are taking this opportunity to engage with our network what they would like to hear more about and their expectations from PM PSG. This session is not about a specific agenda; it’s about letting our network take the lead.

By the end of this session, we aim to gather insights on –

  1. What topics are of particular interest to you
  2. What you hope to gain from being a part of PM PSG
  3. Who would like to volunteer to lead on a topic/to share templates
  4. Recommendations for online seminars, TED talks, forums, networking events, or anything you have benefited from in the past

April 2024

When: 11th April, Thursday, 11 – 11:45 am UK time

Where: CH Ground Floor, New York Meeting Room

What: Guest Speaker, Krystie Walters, will speak about successful meetings, how to deliver compelling presentations and improve the effectiveness of meeting presentations.

Kyrstie is a Learning Delivery Manager with Carnival UK and predominantly delivers a lot of the Leadership & Management Essentials program as well as other Manager and Leadership training in the business. She brings 17 years of HR and Learning & Development experience from multiple large Hospitality and Travel & Tourism businesses and have a passion and enthusiasm for Women in Leadership and Coaching. She is also an Accredited Insights Discovery Practitioner which has fed her love for psychology.

Please lock this date and timeslot in your diaries in advance so that you don’t miss the session.

Please click on this link to add the meeting invite to your calendar and join the session.

May 2024

When: 9th May, Thursday, 11 – 11:45 am UK time

Where: CH 3rd Floor, Dubrovnik Meeting Room

What: This is the premiere of our Project Showcase. To make our very first Project Showcase prominent, we have the pleasure of one of our members, Sam Holland, in the driving seat.

Sam is a Technology Programme Manager at Carnival UK and has been a part of the Carnival family for over 13 years now. He has delivered projects for many of our teams such as Maritime, Carnival Corporate Shipbuilding, Finance, HR, Legal, directly with both brands and into his own department overseeing the IT infrastructure project for Iona’s delivery. His most recent focus has been on IT Security, shaping a Programme of projects to help us all remain safe & secure online.

What is a Project Showcase? It is where a PM brings in a project/programme (whether still live/already completed) from their domain to share with us (as many of the below):

  • A background summary of the project (not the confidential elements)
  • If successful, why was it successful?
  • If delivery failed to meet its objectives/benefits, what caused it?
  • Key challenges along its lifecycle and how the PM overcame them
  • A benefits’ summary
  • Key lessons learned and takeaways for the PM from its project implementation

The idea behind this concept was driven by an interest in further developing our understanding of the various functional units, the type of projects and how they are managed and implemented in other business realms of Carnival and harvesting the strengths, best practices, & learning points from such projects.

Please lock this date and timeslot in your diaries in advance so that you don’t miss the first Project Showcase

Please click on this link to add the meeting invite to your calendar and join the session.

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