Maritime Employee Experience Group

Your Maritime Employee Experience Group is here to provide you with the effective opportunities to speak up and have your voice heard. This is your opportunity to discuss what you love about working for Carnival UK Maritime and any ideas you have that would make working here better! The success of the Maritime Employee Experience Group relies on feedback and input from employees to ensure we are focusing on the right areas to achieve our goal of No. 1 Travel employer of Choice. We encourage you to take advantage of us, we’re here to listen, so get in touch and share your thoughts with us. Your experiences are a key cornerstone in helping create an inclusive community where all employs can thrive.

Here’s what we do:

  1. We’re a link between the department, the MLT and other EEGs​
  2. Discuss eNPS themes and shape how we work in a hybrid environment​
  3. Input into Maritime and CUK plans​
  4. Panel to assess Culture Essential Award nominations and recommend winners and runners up to the MLT​
  5. Support and encourage engagement within the department (e.g. socials)​
  6. Employee voice – to make Maritime and Carnival UK a great plan to work​

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  • Chair | Vacant 
    MLT Member |
    Recorder | Chelsea Cox
    eNPS Lead | Dan Brown
    Culture Essentials Lead | Vacant
    Summer Event Lead | Vacant
    Comms and Engagement Lead | Alex Preston (Maritime Communications)
    HR Business Partner | Liz Hardy (People Team)
    HR Business Partner (Consultant) | Kasia Waters (People Team)

    Port and Shore Ops Rep | Zoe Diment
    Asset Management Reps | Nick Shooter & Matt Farr
    Continuous Improvement Rep | Rebecca Fox
    Medical Rep | Brian Cox 
    Governance Rep |  
    Sustainability, Safety and Environment Rep | Dan Brown
  • We’re working hard to make some positive changes in Maritime based on your eNPS feedback. Have an idea you’d like to share? Just drop us an email –
  • We are all committed to making the Maritime department a place where you feel valued and a place where you are proud to work. Earlier this year we asked you to tell us what it really feels like working here via the eNPS survey and to share your thoughts on how we can improve the experience for everyone. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback through the survey and with the Maritime Employee Experience Group (MEEG).

    From your feedback the Maritime EEG has identified four focus areas:

    1. Creating connections, purpose and knowledge sharing
    2. Investing in our people, teams and partnerships
    3. Recognition and celebration
    4. Using the right tools to make the right decisions
    Area What We’ve Introduced / Done Recently What’s in the Pipeline
    Creating connections, purpose and knowledge sharing Introduced Slido for our Monthly Maritime Updates (links can be found in the invite).  
    You’ve given us feedback on what you’d like to see on a Maritime-wide SharePoint site. Still want to share your ideas? Click here. We’re considering building a Maritime-wide SharePoint site as part of our wider plan on getting the most out of Office 365. Are you a whizz with SharePoint? We’d love to hear from you. Just email the EEG.
    Introduced Meet and Eat sessions to increase our understanding of other areas of the business.   
    Investing in our people, teams and partnerships As part of the fortnightly Maritime People Update, we’ve included the latest training and development available in-house. We’re encouraging everyone to be empowered to take the right decisions and challenge if you don’t feel something is quite right. The MLT are reviewing approval levels, looking at who is getting involved when decisions are being made and who is ultimately accountable.
    Introduced the fortnightly Maritime Community Update



    We’re working on a Maritime Department Induction to improve how we welcome and support our new colleagues in their first days, weeks and months.
    Recognition and Celebration Line Managers have attended Reward workshops to enable them to understand the CUK approach. Keep up our momentum during the Culture Essential Award seasons.
    Line Managers are using the talent reviews to channel development discussions and identify opportunities for you.
    Sharing development stories from our Maritime colleagues on The Insider Take time to recognise and share successes in the Monthly Maritime Update
    Using the right tools to make the right decisions We’ve introduced the HESS Hub, a one-stop-shop for HESS and how we can get the most out of it.  

    Introducing a ‘library’ of systems and business tools, how they’re used, what training is available and user guide links.

    We’ll be sharing some handy tips and guidance on how we can work more effectively, making sure that we strike the right balance.
    Introduce a process which captures, triages and progresses improvement suggestions
    We’ll be setting up change governance sessions so we can spread the understanding of change management and how you can play an important role.


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