What is Global Recycling Day?  It first started in 2018 to help recognise and celebrate the importance recycling plays in protecting our precious primary resources and securing the future of our planet. It’s a day for the world to come together and put the planet first, something we’re committed to through our Ocean’s Alive programme.

This year, we’re remembering some of the awesome ideas you’ve had and projects we’ve implemented which is helping us work towards our Sustainability goals of reducing carbon intensity, food waste reduction and single use plastic item reduction.

In 2019, our P&O Cruises colleague, Tim Newman, came up with the genius idea to rename our then-garbage rooms, ‘Recycling Centres’. Since then, all vessels across the Corporation have had their waste disposal areas renamed ‘Recycling Centres’.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, CUK is focussed on improving the management of the food waste generated across the Fleet and the removal of non-food waste contamination within food waste systems. Under MARPOL Annex V, only food waste is allowed to be discharged at sea. Following a pilot of Food Waste Digesters within the Recycling Centres onboard a few of our ships, we took the decision to install 62 Food Waste Digesters across the fleet. These ensure that all soft food items are digested and that all plastic or other items are removed before they are discharged. Well done and thanks to Justin Townley and the team for completing this earlier this year!

And it doesn’t end there…

Our Food Waste ‘Tiger Teams’  have visited over 30 ships across Carnival Corporation to review and make recommendations on how to tackle SUPs on board, as well as our people’s mindsets in how we use and dispose of all non-food items that could potentially wind up in our food waste processing system.

Want to play your part? Here’s how…

In Carnival House there’s lots of things that we already do to support recycling and a sustainable future. Did you know you can recycle batteries in the Post Room or by IT on floor 4?

TerraCycle recycles the ‘non-recyclable’, collecting and recycling almost any form of waste. We’re supporting one of their Southamption partners – Kicks Count – to collect milk carton lids and crisp packets, two items that we don’t currently recycle in Carnival House.

Small changes can have a big impact – if every single person in the world chose a reusable cup over a single use cup, just once, that’s 7 billion less single use items in the world!

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