Visiting the Ship and Quayside

Here you’ll find all you need to know about visiting a ship or the quayside. ARC (Activity, Request, Coordination), will allow us to manage quayside and shipboard visits for CUK staff and third parties. Here you’ll find all you need to know about visiting a ship or the quayside and the latest information all visitors will need to be aware of before a visit.

Quayside Visits Day Visits OCS

New Changes – January 2023

So, what’s changing and what will it mean to you when you make a request?

  1. You will no longer be able to make last minute requests (three days before a departure) through the tool. Instead, you’ll need to contact the OCS mailbox.
  2. For rotations bookings, two new categories have been added Rotations PO [P&O Cruises] and Rotations CU [Cunard] that will ‘lock in’ a cabin type related to a crew members rank. Please note that any changes must be flagged to the OCS team through the OCS mailbox. This is to ensure cabins booked for crew are within their entitlement. They team has taken relevant rotations colleagues through this process. Please speak to a member of rotations if you’re unsure.
  3. There will be more visibility of the Cabin Allocation form, to give requestors better access.
  4. To begin to reduce the number of bookings on cruises that may not have enough space, a pop up box will now appear to highlight oversubscribed or ‘Red’ cruises. This lowers the risk of impact on guest bookings from OCS bookings.

 If a critical visit needs to be made during this period and has not been pre-planned and approved, please follow the out of hours process. This may be subject to VP approval.

ARC Entry Tool: \\\Depts\Common\HR-PeopleServices\2 Year Retention Folder\OCS Project\02 Entry Tool\Entry Tool.xlsb

If you cannot get access please request it through the TechCentre.

Download our handy ARC guide

 COVID Requirements

Our Top Tips

1 – Think, is the visit necessary?

    • Can this be done remotely?
    • Is there someone on board who can help?
    • Do I have a hard deadline to meet?

2 – Plan ahead. Logging your request early increases the chances of it getting approved on time.

3 – Need to make a change or extend a visit? Simply go back into the tool, enter the ‘Reference Number’ (found in the request email) and click ‘Search’ to make a change / amend. If requesting an extension from a Day Visit to an OCS Visit, you’ll need to submit a new OCS request.

4 – Update the visitor. Contractors and visitors will get a email using the email entered on the tool. Make sure your contractor/visitor is aware of the latest protocols.

5 – Stay Informed. Keep up to date with the latest operational updates from the fleet with ORCA’s Daily 0930 Briefing. (search ‘ORCA’ on The Insider).

6 – Work Safely To ensure you are able to work comfortably, please remind yourself of the advice on The Insider in relation to your workstation set up. Read more here Please remember to pack your laptop riser, keyboard and mouse so you can set up your laptop comfortably. If you don’t have access to this equipment please email – Its important to change position and stretch regularly during your working day to ensure you don’t get discomfort from static postures.

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