At Carnival UK we celebrate the diversity of colleagues, encouraging everyone to bring their
whole selves to work. Being free to be yourself means being free to use your voice. That’s why we’ve built a network of Employee Experience Groups (EEG) across Carnival House to give our people an informal voice to share opinions and experiences. With a number of changes to our Cunard EEG we thought we’d share who they are…

Trish Linehan – Senior Executive, Marketing Campaigns (currently on maternity leave)

“I joined CUK back in 2018 as part of the Procurement team but decided ‘jump ship’ to join Cunard as I absolutely loved the brand and the culture within the team. I’ve worked in some great working environments and some not so great, so I know how important it is for people to feel heard, represented and ultimately enjoy coming to work. I’ve also recently returned from a year off on maternity leave so am experiencing what flexible working means from a completely new perspective. As a member of the EEG, I really look forward to listening and representing any and all voices within the team and doing as much as I can to effect positive change.”


Jenna Anderson – Senior Executive, Offline Marketing

“I joined CUK in April 2018, starting in the Contact Centre and then moved over to the Cunard Sales & Marketing team in December 2020. I am thrilled to be a part of the Cunard EEG and hope to encourage everyone to share your feedback and ideas with us, so that together we can make a difference.”

Neil Christopher – Revenue Manager

“Having joined the business in 2003 I have a fair bit of employee experience within CUK to draw from and hope to put this to good use as an Employee Experience Champion. I work with some incredibly talented people and am keen for them to have the best experience here.”



Rona Feyerabend – International Cruise Expert

“I started working for the International Team as a Cruise Expert in 2017. I love talking to guests and agents about the Cunard products and selling the Cunard experience. A good working environment is, in my experience, paramount to being able to enjoy the job and give your best. I hope by being part of the EEG group I can contribute to this.”

Matt Laud, Revenue Analyst

“I joined Cunard’s revenue management team in 2022, working as an analyst on the Europe trade. My first year at Cunard has been a great experience, I have always felt valued and respected, and I want to ensure others feel the same way. I believe that to maintain this positive environment it is important for everyone’s voice to be heard, so please feel free to drop me a message.”

Dave Desmond MA (Mus Perf) LTCL | Musical Director

After a 24 year career serving in the Band of the Coldstream Guards, I joined CarnivalUK as Shoreside Musical Director in Sept 2012. Now working as Head of Music, Cunard, my role encompasses many varied tasks including the sourcing and auditioning of musicians through to creating Theme Nights for them to play. To represent my own team ship and shore, and meet new colleagues across the business in the process, feels like a great opportunity to help every voice be heard, as we continually strive to be the best employer of people possible.”

Cat Robey-Ancient, Entertainment Development Manager, Cunard

“I joined Cunard in May 2022, bringing a wealth of experience in producing, directing productions, and managing venues and staff within the Theatre Industry. I have worked in the West End, on Broadway, at Shakespeare’s Globe and the Fringe. I have loved every minute of this huge side step in my career, am passionate about Cunard, and delighted to join the EEG. Please reach out!”

Sam Balls – PR Manager

“I joined the PR team in January 2023 as a newbie to the world of travel, but I am loving life as a Cunarder and how we’re making waves with Queen Anne. My background is in journalism and PR, so I’m always keen to find out what matters to people and how we can make a difference. At 6 ft 7 I’m relatively easy to spot if you ever want to have a chat over a coffee!”

Daniel Verfaillie | Onboard & Loyalty Executive

 “I joined Carnival Four and a half years ago where I started in the Contact centre on the phones taking direct calls for P&O Cruises, I worked on board for a short period of time as a loyalty sales manager and became a team leader. I firmly believe that working in the contact centre at the start of my Carnival Journey has helped in my current role as an Onboard and Loyalty executive.  I was a part of the EEG in the Contact Centre but super excited to be a part of it for the Cunard Team. I am super friendly and welcoming so should you have any questions or any information to share please let me know as I am always happy to help.”

Tanzin Choudhury, Customer Journeys Executive

“I joined CUK back in January 2017 and moved over to the Cunard Sales and Marketing team in May 2022. I love what I do and I love the people I work with. Having worked in various organisations from various industries, I’ve been lucky to have some amazing work experiences. Equally, I’ve also had the not-so-great experiences. Despite that, I’m a firm believer of ‘you only get out of it, what you put into it’ and with that in mind, I joined the EEG as an opportunity to contribute and enhance our working experiences. I’m a massive advocate of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) initiatives, and will always do what I can to listen, support and champion, those who would like their voices to be heard. That said, please don’t be a stranger, do get in touch!”

Chris Peck | Manager, Brand | Cunard

” I joined the Cunard Brand Team in January 2023, falling right into the hype and preparation for the launch of Queen Anne. One thing that I sensed immediately was the positive attitude of everyone across Cunard; everyone is so passionate about their job and the brand. It quickly became clear a key driver of that comes down to the EEG and the sense of purpose and community the group brings, supported through the openness of the ELT to listen and act on the team’s concerns. Being able to contribute to this by being a member of the EEG is a very exciting prospect, helping to ensure Cunard continues to be an awesome place to work.  Drop me a note on Teams for a catch up.”

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