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Common Vendor questions and business response

What are CUK's Invoicing requirements?

Before submitting an invoice, please ensure you read the below document and follow our invoicing requirements to avoid any delays in payment.

Here is a link to the invoice requirements document.

How do I submit my invoice for payment?
Please read the below guide before submitting your invoice to ensure submission requirements are followed. 

Invoice Submission Document

PO invoices –
-  The invoice must contain a relevant PO number. If a valid PO number is not clearly visible the invoice will be rejected.

Non PO invoices –
-Non-PO invoices must contain a Carnival UK contact name. If a contact name is not clearly visible, the invoice will be rejected.

How do I view the status of my invoice?

You are able to view the status of any open invoice by searching in Markview. Please follow the below link to the Markview training guide where you can find detailed information on point 3.7

Markview training guide

Alternatively, suppliers are able to access Carnival's self serve portal SEAS where they can view the status of their invoices along with the related payment and purchase order information. The portal is managed and maintained by our US office therefore, any queries regarding the use of the portal should be directed to them using the ‘Contact Us’ function.

Suppliers can register for SEAS access using the following link SEAS Portal
Please note, they will need their CUK supplier reference number.

Why has my invoice been rejected?

There can be many reasons as to why an invoice was returned however, AP will always add a supporting comment to the return email advising why it was rejected. Please advise the supplier that they will need to review the reason for rejection, amend their invoice and then re-submit it for processing.

When will my supplier get paid their invoice?
Payment runs are actioned weekly.
If your payment is via BACs in GBP, the invoice will need to be coded and approved before 10am on Monday for payment on Friday.
For all EUR payments, the invoice needs coding and approving by 10am Wed for payment the following Monday.
For USD and GBP Wire payments the invoice needs to be validated by 10am Thursday for payment on Friday.
And for all other currencies the invoice needs to be fully valid by 10am Thursday for payment Friday (or longer depending on the intermediary banks outside of Carnivals control).
How do I obtain a remittance?

AP are unable to re-generate remittances however, if you search for the invoice within Markview (following section 3.7 in the MV user guide), you will be able to obtain the payment number and can then search by this number to see what invoices were included in the payment.

Alternatively, the supplier can log into SEAS, this will provide details for the payment.

Incorrect payment received. For example; wrong currency, wrong amount, to the wrong bank account, wrong payment site, wrong Supplier.
Please send an email to Accounts Payable/CarnivalUK detailing the Supplier name and number with invoice numbers and details of the query.
What are my suppliers invoice Terms and what should they be?

The supplier can see their terms in SEAS's. Under Carnival UK’s standard terms and conditions, our minimum payment terms are net 60 days, ie we pay the supplier 60 days from date of invoice, which is typically at the point of delivery of goods or completion of a service. In general, we will aim to maintain this as a minimum for all payments as it supports CUK’s cash flow and has been a significant contributor to conserving cash during our operational pause, but there may be situations where it makes sense to offer shorter payment terms, for example:

  • In the case of goods or services required to support our top priorities of safety, environmental protection or compliance, a supplier mandates shorter payment terms and there are no alternative suppliers
  • As part of the negotiation with the supplier, they are offering other benefits. For example, we may have historically agreed 30 days terms to receive discounted pricing and it could be appropriate to revert to this
  • A small supplier has insufficient cash reserves to fulfil the requirements, particularly if they need to commit to expensive materials or services in advance, and there are no alternative suppliers
  • We have a legacy signed contract that stipulates other terms

In short, if we wish to trade-off longer payment terms, we should be clear on the benefits that CUK are receiving.

Due to internal processing time, it’s very difficult to accommodate less than 14 days payment terms and therefore net 30 days is the minimum we should consider.

For agreements & orders with suppliers where the cumulative spend is greater than £50k in a single year, all agreements, including payment terms, should be agreed with Procurement, as per CUK policy. Please refer to CUK’s Contract Authorisation and Administration Policy

How do I amend my vendor terms to those outside the minimum 60 days
For any terms less than 60 days, you will need to first ensure you have read "What are my suppliers invoice Terms and what should they be?" above. If they meet one of these criteria, you will need to ensure you have spoken with the procurement team to get their approval. They will then need to send approval to the Accounts Payable/CarnivalUK inbox. We will get Finance sign off before we approach GSM to change the vendor terms.
My supplier has an outstanding credit, who will get this money back from them?
If there is an outstanding credit note in Accounts Payable, we will automatically recover this from the next payment to the supplier. If a credit note has been sitting on our system for over three months we will escalate these to the business users with the expectation for them to work with the vendor to recover this money. Please do not delay in contacting the vendor to understand if a) they will either be sending new invoices shortly for us to recovery the money or b) they will be sending us the cash back into our bank account. Failure to respond to AP or recover these funds could result in the credit notes being cancelled and unexpected costs to your P&L.

Could you benefit from a corporate credit card?

Please review the below company credit card policy to understand the benefits of having a company credit card, your eligibility to get one and how to use it. Please also refer to the decision tree to understand the situations on how you should be making payments to suppliers.  

Please refer to the documents section in Sharepoint

Common business questions and responce

I've requested a purchasing or authentication card, when will I receive it?
Cards are requested weekly from Barclaycard and if you live in the UK, it will be posted to your home address within 7 to 14 working days. If you live outside of the UK, the card will be posted to Carnival house, and we will then FedEx this over to you.

Why isn’t my cost centre coming up in BSM when I try to code my transaction?
If your cost centre is not visible, try pressing ‘search’ on the drop down box and enter the code. If it’s still not appearing, please email and we can add this into BSM for you.

Global Supplier Maintenance (GSM) & Vendor Set Up Queries

For all questions on how to set up or change a Vendor or bank details, please refer to the GSM CGFS Knowledge Portal or email 

Accounts Payable does not manage the process for vendor set up and/or changes so please do not direct your questions to us as we will be unable to help.
IMPORTANT: Edge has compatibility issues with the GSM supplier form. If you are using this form, please download a copy and open with Adobe.

Vendor queries & Supplier Engagement Activity System (SEAS)

Carnival Corporation & plc use a Supplier Engagement Activity System (SEAS). This gives suppliers the ability to view the status of invoices along with the related payment and purchase order information any time they want.  They will be able to inquire on their invoice for the whole organisation all in one location with one log on.

If your supplier does not have access, please copy this text into an email and send it to the supplier. Please be aware that you will not be able to gain access to SEAS until your first invoices have been submitted and processed within Oracle. This could take up to 10 working days.

You should encourage Vendors to use this tool to answer their own queries, meaning only ‘stuck’ invoices are queried with the CUK business contact.

Documentation available for SEAs:

ASL Listing

Please click here to see current information

iProc Training Materials

Please refer to the documents section in Sharepoint

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