Employee-led networks are exactly that; networks set up by colleagues of Carnival UK. They have the full support of the business, but ultimately they are by employees, for employees. At the moment there are four employee-led networks championing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) at Carnival UK. Find out more below.

Each network was created and designed by colleagues; they aren’t HR initiatives. All network leaders are there because they have a passion for DE&I, not because they’ve been hired for the job.

We’re incredibly lucky to have fantastic support from Carnival UK for our networks. Whether that be guidance from our leaders, provision of business resources, or colleague support with planning, volunteering and event attendance, our networks are valued for their contribution to belonging and inclusion at Carnival UK.

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Athena is passionate about equal opportunities for people regardless of gender. We raise visibility of gender issues and invite everyone to join the conversation, by doing this, we work with the business to influence meaningful change in the workplace. Athena inspires progress.

Contact our mailbox to find out more.

Spectrum, Carnival UK’s LGBT+ & Friends employee-led network, supports belonging and inclusion by championing, challenging and celebrating the LGBT+ agenda. Encouraging colleagues to be curious, we drive allyship to promote positive change across Carnival UK and the communities we are a part of, creating a feeling of belonging for everyone.

Contact our mailbox to find out more.

As our strapline ‘making it possible for all’ indicates, we focus on peoples’ ability and reaching their potential through seeking to dismantle barriers faced by people with disabilities, impairments and conditions whilst working with Carnival UK.

Contact Jacqui, Katie or Paul to find out more.

To support Carnival UK to become Travel’s employer of choice by championing an inclusive environment where diverse ethnic & cultural backgrounds are celebrated. Our goal is to see diverse ethnic & cultural representation at all levels of CUK.

Contact Odette or Sola to find out more. 

Paul Ludlow
Exec Sponsor

Jo Phillips
Exec Sponsor
Sexual orientation

Donnacha O’Driscoll
Exec Sponsor
Gender reassignment

Chris Lees
Exec Sponsor
Socio-Economic and Faith

James Chedgey
Exec Sponsor

What do the networks do?

Networks enable employees to share and understand the lived experience of one another by providing a platform to raise awareness, learn new insights and celebrate the diversity of people within our business.

Networks promote opportunities for support and guidance and influence the business to make the right enhancements that will make Carnival UK travel’s employer of choice.

Our networks exist to develop the inclusive culture of Carnival UK. Our end goal is for the business to have belonging and inclusion so ingrained in its culture that there’s no need for networks at all. We recognise that we’re not quite there yet so our role is to help drive this cultural shift.

We’re all supported by our line managers to devote time to our networks. There is appreciation that this will take up time in our working week and it’s recognised that this is valuable work from which colleagues and the business will benefit.

Inclusion news

Anyone can set up a network and give a voice to a group you would like to represent. Networks are started by employees for employees. You will have a budget to ensure you can do meaningful work and you will receive support from our Inclusion and Engagement Manager, to help get you started. Contact Heaven White, our Inclusion and Engagement Manager, via email if you’re interested in setting up a network.

If you’re considering setting up a network, Athena, Spectrum, m’power and REACH are really happy to share what we’ve learned along the way.  This handy guide from Inclusive Employers also provides great insight into starting a network. Just click on the image to the left.

We really encourage you to take the next step; leading a network is an incredibly rewarding role.

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