In order to show support to one of Aurora’s ship’s company, Arnie, whose daughter, Astrid who was born prematurely, a group of colleagues on board organised a 10km fun run/walk!  

There were a cross-section of crew and officers, of about 30 in total, ranging from SMT, Ops team members and crew across all departments – Deck, Tech and Hotel.

HR Manager, Mark Buckle said: “We were only too happy to show our support for Arnie and his family.

Delivery of the baby was actually assisted from onboard by our Senior Doctor at the time, Chanel Van Der Westhuizen, who provided instructions over the telephone to Arnie’s teenage daughter and encouragement to his wife.

We’d like everyone to know that mother and baby are back home. Arnie – our Onboard IT Technician, is due off on 16 May so will be reunited with his wife Jackie and will see and be able to hold Ashtrid, his daughter, for the first time.

Arnie has mentioned that he’s been honoured and overwhelmed by the level and various types of support received from across our ship’s company.

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