The results are in and our Q1 Values Awards winners have been decided! Nominations were made for individuals supporting our new Culture Essentials – we’re extremely proud of how many of you have been bringing our Culture Essentials to life and providing support to our Guests, our ships’ company and our colleagues shore side. Well done to everyone who was nominated.

Nominations are always open for our Values Awards – when they close for one quarter, they open for the next! 

Save this page as a bookmark so you can make a Values Awards nomination straight after you see someone bringing our Culture Essentials to life. You’ll also find the nominations page on the Insider homepage: Shore>Our Values Awards – nominate now!

Our overall winners

Overall individual – Peter Woodroffee, Carnival UK Insight, Shared Services

Nominated by six colleagues, Pete has been praised for Empowering teams with invaluable digital insight, Communicating complex analytics into simple, straightforward and easy to understand updates; for collaborating to Improve website commercial and Guest experience performance; and for Speaking Up by challenging stakeholders’ methods/thoughts to help find a better way of approaching a task/challenge. 

Pete has shown himself to be invaluable in the roll out of Digital Insights dashboards from the Adobe stack to the brand teams along with many other stakeholders. The demand for his time in sharing how to use these dashboards is a testament to his ability to share knowledge and drive enthusiasm for data driven insights. He has relentless patience and is always looking at how he can help or support his colleagues and stakeholders. You get a genuine sense from Pete that he wants to empower you with the knowledge and set you up for success!”

On learning of his win, Pete said: 







Overall team –  P&O Cruises Brochure Team; Abi Winfield, Angela Wade, Kirsty Everett, Heaven White, Mark Aquilina, Lyn Roberts

The P&O Cruises brochure team were recognised for their collaboration, both as a tight-knit team and with their key stakeholders, to produce the most recent, and “Best Yet!” P&O Cruises brochure. Experts at Communication, they kept everyone updated throughout the project, Speaking Up and consistently challenging where appropriate, both professionally and with all channel considerations in mind as one single voice. 

“Managing a piece of communication as large as a 200 page brochure is always an incredibly tricky task. This year the team have excelled themselves. Not only have they sought to drive improvements year on year (delivering quite possibly our most impactful and engaging brochure yet), but they dealt impeccably with a substantial last minute change which fundamentally changed the Grand Tours section of the brochure. Through superlative stakeholder engagement, a solution driven response and clear communication, the team turned around this change in break-neck time, despite additional challenges of home schooling and print deadlines. I am so proud of what they have achieved and the team spirit through which they have achieved it.”

Our individual departmental winners

Matt Andow, Maritime
Matt has worked really hard during a challenging period to manage the support to Ventura and Azura. He continues to Communicate with, and Empower the ship’s teams, evidenced by the comments below from Azura’s Captain Marcin Banach; 

“Matt has been so helpful and accommodating throughout the whole period of the operational pause. He is pro-active, willing, positively engaged and genuinely interested in supporting the ship, resolving issues and helping out with challenges. He has supported the ship on a number of issues, sometimes beyond technical which has been very well received. He keeps the ship and all the relevant parties well informed on a regular basis and is always available to discuss any issues. This is exactly what we need in this difficult time and Matt has absolutely ticked all the boxes of someone fully engaged and cooperative, understanding the ship and at the same time fully supporting the business and what we all try to achieve and strive for.”

Edward Dieusaert & Larisa Vulcan, Cunard
Edward has gone above and beyond to study and prepare the return to service dining model for Cunard. His passion to develop a fully compliant environment, Improve our operations and keep the Guest experience in the centre has been exemplary.

“I have been able to count on his work to form sound brand decisions and support associated business cases. On top of his full portfolio of work, Edward also stepped up to cover critical work while I was away on furlough. This has meant the projects have continued with minimal disruption, keeping us on target to make the essential improvements in time for RTS and longer term brand strategy. Thank you Edward”

Since joining the business Larisa has consistently sought ways to Improve her team’s ways of working.

“Larisa identifies ways for the reports and tools we use to be improved and persuades the team of why these improvements would be so beneficial. She not only identifies these opportunities but commits to implementing the changes, as well as doing her standard role brilliantly.”

John 'JJ' Paolino, P&O Cruises
JJ was recently given the task of working with the digital content team to deliver the new deck plans for Arvia and spotted an opportunity to Speak Up and revolutionise the way these deck plans are coded. By making some relatively straightforward changes, JJ was able to save over 40 days of development time and thousands of pounds. In his spare time, JJ has also created a ‘Whodunnit’ game for Sales & Marketing to Improve the lives of his colleagues and provide some much-needed fun!

“JJ identified a way to reduce the time it takes to map each individual cabin on the deck plans. JJ’s improved tool allows individuals to save their work as well as being more intuitive. A very worthy nomination and great to see such proactivity in improving our processes and ways of working. Nice one JJ!”

Carlene Proud, People
Carlene was nominated for the fantastic work she has done creating a new Selling Techniques programme to Empower our Contact Centre teams. She delivered this programme in a short time frame and really stepped out of her comfort zone to engage the leadership and line managers in the teams with the content, and Spoke Up, challenging them on what they could do to make it a success.

“Carlene’s called out barriers and recommended changes whilst really driving the activities and supporting the team to be able to take the programme forward themselves. Carlene really cares about the learning making a difference and this has shone through in how she has managed this piece of work. Thank You Carlene!”

Vicki Botto, Finance & Legal
Throughout Q1 Vicki has built a strong relationship between the Guest Relations and Finance departments, promoting collaboration between the two areas to Respect & Protect both Guests and the company.

“Vicki is extremely approachable and willing to support and assist the Guest Relations team as a whole with any finance query they may have, any confirmation they may need or action that needs to be taken. She treats everyone equally. “

Stephanie Tayler, Flights, Shared Services
Stephanie created and delivered Amadeus Flights System training. She has Empowered colleagues to handle more advanced queries using her own knowledge, expertise and by sharing new information. Communicating clearly, she has really helped teams to feel more confident in their abilities.

“Steph has been doing additional training for some of us in flights, but even before that she was always there to help or Listen & Learn. Steph is easily one of the best people I’ve worked with. Hard working, knowledgeable and approachable; every question answered with a smile, no matter how she may be feeling that day.”

Gareth Watt, Facilities, Shared Services
Since the beginning of lockdown, Gareth and his team have kept the postroom running, not only delivering important and essential mail to colleagues at home, but also coordinating the delivery and collection of IT and DSE equipment for the entire business. Gareth has gone over and above in his efforts to keep Carnival House open and safe for colleagues.

“Gareth is excellent at going the extra mile and Improving where he sees the opportunity. I would like Gareth to be recognised for his continued support and hard work despite a very difficult year with many barriers and challenges to overcome – he is a joy to work with.”

Our team departmental winners

Digital Marketing Team, Cunard 
A pre-paid digital media image account was ending in January 2021 with hundreds of unused assets about to be lost. Through Speaking Up, Communicating and Empowering, the Digital Marketing Team were able to solve the issue, and ensure Carnival UK’s original investment was recouped.

“There was a large outstanding image allowance left that hadn’t been utilised, so I reached out to the Digital Marketing Team for help. I want to thank Rebecca Proctor, Tom Dowson and Elinor Day in particular for their hard work in getting imagery requests together in such a short space of time. Although the teams efforts saved a small amount of money if you consider the bigger picture, every little bit makes a difference, especially during Covid-19 times. “

Fleet Furlough team, People
Ever since it began, the Furlough Scheme has been evolving and presenting new challenges. The Furlough team took complete ownership to co-ordinate responses from various teams (HR fleet services, rotations, People Support, employee relations etc), using their knowledge of the scheme and the business parameters whilst Communicating with other areas to respond to their respective points. 

“The team have dealt with an incredibly high volume of complex and emotive queries from Crew in relation to Furlough; we weren’t anticipating such a number of queries but Matt (Mapson) and Emma (Woodward) have spent a vast amount of time looking at individual circumstances, making recommendations for resolutions, showing empathy to those crew who we haven’t been able to place on Furlough, communicating clearly the business decision(s) and helping crew understand – no mean feat when everyone is under pressure, including financially, as a result of the pandemic.”

Voyage Team, Finance and Legal 
The Voyage Team were recognised for a smooth downstream accounting process relating to voyage close. They also Respected and Protected the Project team, showing patience while Listening & Learning, which made a big difference, and Empowered them to keep focus and momentum though to their deadlines.

“Thank you. You had to wrestle with judgements based on incomplete information, extraordinary amounts of policy variations & exceptions, and forensic analysis and understanding of the underlying data, and the fact you ended up so close is spectacular. “

Arvia Champions, Contact Centre Operations, Shared Services
Every single one of the Arvia champions (Daniel Verfaillie, Rachel May, Heidi Reed, Emma McDonald, Kelly Moody, John Colclough, Victoria Palfrey) invested their own time and pushed themselves to think outside of the box in order to Communicate information on P&O Cruises new ship with their peers. They came up with a fantasy ship competition, naming bingo, created multiple Catch Phrase activities for the team meetings and even created a personalised Arvia Kahoot for the whole of the CCO to enjoy.

“I had a chance to work with the Arvia champions  and I am so proud of the passion and excitement they showed. They are a true reminder of what CUK stands for and they’ve become role models within their teams by showing positivity, passion and want to do better. Well done to the team!”

Well done to all of our winners. In recognition of all their hard work and dedication they’ll receive WOW points to spend on something lovely to celebrate! 

Remember, you can also drop your colleagues an e-card at anytime to say ‘awesome work!’

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