The results are in and our quarterly Values Awards winners have been decided! We received many nominations and we’re extremely proud of how many of you have been demonstrating our values and providing support to our Guests, our ship’s company and your colleagues shore side. Well done to everyone who was nominated.

Our winners

Overall Individual – Ali Greenway, People

Ali’s knowledge throughout the consultation period was phenomenal and her willingness to support everyone and share that knowledge to help others during pressured and challenging times really stood out.






Overall team – Refunds team, Finance and Legal 

This year has been like no other and as a result of our ships not sailing we’ve had a huge amount of refunds to process for our Guests. Our refunds team have shown monumental effort to manage all refunds for our Guests as quickly and as professionally as possible.

Our departmental winners

Paul Webster, Finance and Legal
Paul worked tirelessly to ensure Guests received their refunds as quickly as possible.

“Paul is super easy to work with and he delivers on his promises. He responds to all queries promptly despite the immense pressure and is just a fantastic person to work with”.

Becky Smith, Contact Centre Operation

Before consultation Becky started a secondment as a team leader however had to return to her old role suddenly to support with Guest refunds. She handled the situation with grace and a ‘carry on’ attitude and has since helped to resolve many Guest refund queries all while providing much needed support to her colleagues.

“We are so happy Becky is there to support us! She’s approachable, helpful and determined and if she says she will get something done – she does! “

Andrew Hanson, Technology
Since day one Drew hit the ground running as part of the Iona IT implementation landing team, helping to get the ship ready for our Guests. He’s had to learn on the job and has faced all challenges with a smile on his face and an excellent can do attitude.

“Going above and beyond consistently is outstanding and his hard work has not gone unrecognised by Iona’s Captain and SMT.”

Oceana IT Decommission, Technology
Nick Evans, Luke Scott, Andi Faraday, Andy Slocombe, Mark Bratheron and Tamas Bergovec.

With extremely tight timeframes and the added challenge of Covid-19 the team worked to overcome obstacles to make sure the new owners of Oceana were able to take the keys on time. A huge thank you to Andy Slocombe, Mark Bratheron and Tamas Bergovec who all unexpectedly sailed on Oceana for decommissioning activities – all three volunteered their extra support despite knowing they would have to quarantine.

“The whole team did a brilliant job of working together to incredibly tight timelines and with an ever changing list of requirements.”

Future readiness, People

The projects and reward team have both stepped up to take on an incredible volume of work these past few months – often in areas which aren’t their subject expertise.

“The projects team have done a great job at holding everyone to account and keeping things moving and the reward team have done a fantastic job at number crunching ever changing figures and supporting with crew pay questions. Both teams always keep spirits high and look out for colleagues”.

Emma Kenny, Cunard

Emma always takes the time to show interest in people. She put herself forward for the employee representative role during consultation and did a great job in supporting us all.

“She is brilliant at involving the right people and understands the benefits of working together to achieve the best outcome”

International Contact Centre, Cunard

This year Guests have had their dream holidays cancelled and our contact centre teams have really gone above and beyond to answer all questions and deliver for our Guests despite challenges.

“The team have stayed determined and positive throughout, despite  system constraints, adjusting to home working and going through consultation – a truly inspiring team”.

Tom Driscoll, P&O Cruises

On top of managing his day to day role, Tom has carried out so many more activities to support our crew, our Guests and his colleagues. In late March Tom went to Sydney to support our Arcadia World Cruise Guests during the initial outbreak of Covid-19 and he was also a volunteer at Heathrow airport to help Indian crew repatriate home in June.

“Tom displays the right motivation time after time, he is passionate about the Guest experience and is a great support to the wider team, keeping us involved and challenging the status quo. His onboard team speak highly of him and appreciate his personable style and the support he offers them”.

Sales Support and Systems, P&O Cruises
The team have been really supportive in helping to triage Guest bookings and refund queries. With the teams support actions were able to be taken more quickly as we had all the information needed and were therefore able to respond to Guests more quickly.

“The team have a fantastic knowledge, professionalism and willingness to help. They’ve been an absolute amazing support, always smiling and positive.”

Georgios Vavourakis, Maritime
Georgios always goes the extra mile to collaborate with colleagues to make sure key safety requirements are met. In the past few months he has worked to make sure Azura’s 5 yearly LSA works were completed outside of refit, in addition to Ventura’s 2.5 yearly completion of LSA works.

“Georgios knowledge, efficiency and has a great way or working with people that everyone respects. A real credit to the company and department”.

Analysts, Maritime
The team have done an amazing job at analysing and creating graphs and data for the HESS committee packs shared with the fleet – this is a task that would usually be completed by other colleagues so has required some learning on the job.

“The teams’ commitment to delivering flawless analytics makes me proud of how our department as a whole is navigating these Covid-19 waters.”

Well done to all of our winners! In recognition of all their hard work and dedication they’ll shortly receive one of the following prizes;

Remember, you don’t have to wait for the next quarterly Values Awards to recognise someone. Drop your colleague a thank you e-card or Zoom them to say thank you any time.

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