You recently heard from the ELT about how 2024 is all about working toward our goals together. By having our own clear goals and understanding how these contribute to Carnival UK’s priorities we can all work better together to take the business to the next level and assist us in creating unforgettable holiday happiness for all our guests.

Setting goals also provides us the opportunity to look at how we do things and where we can make improvements or develop skills. As we heard from Lisa Fallon this week “It’s the things we do every day, the 1%, that’s what makes the difference”.

Now that you’ve heard what the priorities are for the business for the year ahead it’s time to speak with your manager about your goals and record them in myHR Portal. We encourage you to do this by 31 January. 

As you start to prepare for your goal setting conversation with your manager, think about what you want to achieve for your career, as well as for the business. For guidance visit the Goal Setting page on the Performance and Development hub.

myHR portal

Once you’ve identified all your goals, you’ll need to add them to myHR portal by 31 January. For further support on how to add your goals, take a look at the guidance on The Bridge here.

Further support

Remember, goal setting is an ongoing activity, so don’t forget to set reminders to keep yourself on track and make time to review your goals regularly. To help you with this take a look at some of our additional sources of support here:

If you have any questions after reading the guidance, please contact our People Support team at or call 023 8065 6666.

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