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Goals are essential for us all, they’re our reason ’why’. Goals help us to focus on what matters, supporting us to prioritise our activity.

Goal setting takes place at the beginning of the performance cycle. This conversation can be part of your year-end conversation or a separate meeting. During this time, you’ll agree your goals with your manager for the year ahead. You should also dedicate time to talk openly with your manager about your development needs and aspirations. It’s important that you take ownership of your own performance and development goals, reviewing them regularly with support from your manager throughout the year.

Step by step


At the beginning of the year, you’ll meet with your manager to agree performance and development goals that link with wider business goals.


Create your own SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) in myHR Portal and share them with you manager.


Review and update your goals throughout the year with your manager.

How to prepare for your goal setting conversation

Think about what you want to achieve for yourself and your career, as well as for the business. Here’s some tips to get you started:


Choose the right goals for you

Your performance goals should focus on BAU initiatives, significant pieces of work, a change or activity over the year ahead. Choose 3-5 so that they are manageable, using the tips here to help.

Ask yourself, “How will I get there? What does success look like?” Consider the behaviours and development you might need to help you achieve your goals. You can record this in the success criteria box when adding your goal in the myHR portal.


Build a plan and review it regularly

Set quarterly short-term goals so you can continually review and adjust them throughout the year. This means they’ll stay relevant and realistic.

You might have long-term goals as well but set yourself some quarterly milestones to make sure you’re clear on what you’re measuring throughout the year.

Think about how your performance goals contribute to your learning, development and career progression. Have a look here to get started.


Demonstrate our Culture Essentials

Our Culture Essentials are clear behaviours for both our shoreside and fleet colleagues that every brand in our Carnival family champions.

Demonstrating our Culture Essentials is the ‘how’ you achieved what you did. Try to make note of any examples of how you have lived our Culture Essentials throughout the year or what you might need to do more of to continue to improve performance.

Add areas for improvement to your development goals and focus on this throughout the year.


Think about your development

When setting your goals for the year ahead, think about the development you need to help you get there. There’s no one more invested in your development than you, so you don’t need to wait for a formal review to have a conversation with you manager about where you’d like to grow. Your development should help you to: 

  • Deliver your 2024 performance goals, 
  • Live our Culture Essentials, or 
  • Get closer to your next career step. 

Once you’ve set and agreed your goals, you’ll need to add them to myHR Portal by the end of January.

If you’re a people manager and you’d like some guidance on what makes a good goal, click here to download a guide.

Supporting you

If you’d like further support, download the latest version of the learning guide and take a look at these articles on Good Practice:

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