On Friday 14 April we celebrated another milestone in the construction of Queen Anne, the moment she received her crowning glory – the iconic Cunard red and black funnel.

We’re delighted that she’s now instantly recognisable as a Cunard Queen, sporting a feature that’s adorned our ships for more than 150 years. A feature that’s become synonymous with our rich seafaring heritage and reputation for luxury ocean travel.

This step in her development reminds us that Queen Anne is fast approaching her maiden season in May 2024, which includes enticing locations, from the cultural gems of the Mediterranean to the mystical landscapes of the Norwegian fjords. She’ll be the 249th ship to sail under the Cunard flag, joining Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth.

Angus Struthers, Senior Vice President Cunard, said:

We are thrilled to mark this important milestone in the construction of Queen Anne. The installation of the funnel is a significant step in the building process and brings the ship one step closer to joining our fleet.

For Cunard, the distinctive red and black funnel is an iconic symbol of our heritage and will be one of Queen Anne’s most recognisable features.

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