We call it Cunard Showcases because that’s exactly what it is: a celebration of live performance, showcased through extraordinary experiences.

Powerful dramas. Interactive theatre. Multisensory dining. Cunard’s eclectic entertainment programme is the first of its kind at sea. Become utterly absorbed in a murder mystery dinner. Enjoy the impromptu acoustics of an operatic flash mob. Be left speechless by incredible dance and physical performances you’ll never forget.

What’s on? March – June 2023

With unexpected theatre like nothing else at sea, find yourself transported into another world again and again, with Cunard Showcases. Here’s a sneak preview of some of the fantastic entertainment our guests can experience on board in 2023. 

Cluedo! The Interactive Game
Queen Elizabeth (Q311) 7-16 March, Freemantle – Singapore

Step into the world of 1930s high society, with this exciting interactive theatre production ‘Cluedo! The Interactive Game’, created and produced by guest artist, Brisbane Immersive. You’re invited to Dr Black’s opulent soiree where wine and secrets flow freely and tensions turn to murder after the death of the host spurs an investigation into the secret lives and motives of the party’s peculiar guests.

Murdér at Sea: The Jewel of the Empire
Queen Victoria (V308) 22 March – 2 April, Singapore -Dubai

The year is 1937, the height of the British Empire, and Britain’s most famous archeologist, Dr. Errol Earhart, has unearthed the world’s most valuable diamond, the Jewel of the Empire. The diamond is being transported to the Von Cleethorpes estate in Murdér, France.

Funicular Productions will be providing a unique, immersive, theatre dining experience exclusive to Cunard.

Debuting on Queen Victoria and set in The Verandah restaurant, this exceptional experience, which originated from the heart of London on board a train, will be reimagined for a journey at sea.


100 Years of Musicals
Queen Victoria (V309), 3-11 April, Dubai – Aqaba

To celebrate Queen Victoria’s Centenary World Voyage, a wonderful cast of leading Musical performers will sing and dance their way through ‘100 years of Musicals’. Taking you on a journey from the early origins of musicals, starting with G&S operetta, to the birth of the Broadway and West End musical; expect to be dazzled by this enchanting show.

Featuring a variety of musical composers, from Rodgers & Hammerstein, Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber to name just a few.

This show will feature our in house RCT orchestra playing songs old and new and spanning 100 years of some of those best loved Musical hits. Produced by award-winning Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester, UK.


The Poetical Life of Philomena McGuinness
Queen Mary 2 (M314), 26 May – 2 June, New York – Southampton

The Poetical Life of Philomena McGuinness is a comedic and poignant one-woman play inspired by the true stories of Irish nurses during World War Two. It’s 1939 and Philomena McGuinness, a reluctant nurse, is on her way from Dublin to London. Newly recruited for the British war effort, she finds herself facing the challenge of a lifetime.

But it is not the blood, the bombs, or even the wise-cracking soldiers that make her question her place here. It’s the fact that she is not just a nurse, but a poet too. Can one live a life true to the poetry inside them when they are constantly being defined by their role in the war?


Female Gothic
Queen Mary 2 (M317), 23-30 June 2023, Southampton – New York

The award-winning Dyad Productions join Cunard for a special performance of their renowned production Female Gothic.

Come inside and be thrilled by three lost gothic spine-tinglers from the great Victorian female writers, in the thrilling tradition of M R James, Charles Dickens and Edgar Allan Poe.  Adapted/performed by Rebecca Vaughan. 


A Room of One’s Own
Queen Mary 2 (M317), 23-30 June 2023, Southampton – New York

The award-winning Dyad Productions join Cunard for a special performance of their renowned production A Room of One’s Own – Virginia Woolf’s celebrated exploration of the impact of social inequality on creativity.  A wry, amusing and incisive trip through the history of literature, feminism, and sexual politics with Charlotte Brontë, Jane Austen, Aphra Behn – and Shakespeare’s sister!

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