Since we launched our fleet recognition programme last year, it’s been fantastic to recognise and reward so many of our colleagues for their brilliant work. The programme spotlights colleagues who have delivered exceptional service to our guests through P&O Cruises SHINE service promise, as well as those who have demonstrated excellent examples of supporting our Culture Essentials.

We caught up with Iona and Ventura to discover some of their recent shining stars from the last couple of months…

Chaitanya Gadgil, Housekeeping, Iona
“Chaitanya took up the challenge of raising awareness about our Culture Essentials and SHINE service promise amongst the housekeeping team and wider ship’s company. He came up with the idea to highlight examples of our colleagues’ showcasing our Culture Essentials, sought out examples of each behaviour and displayed pictures of colleagues with their examples on the Culture Essentials and SHINE boards for everyone to be inspired by.”

Evento D Costa, Housekeeping, Ventura
“Evento demonstrated great integrity and respect for our guests when he found a large amount of cash mislaid outside a cabin and handed it straight over to reception to be reunited with the guest.”

Andrew Rushton, Shore Experiences, Iona
“Andrew recently returned to the fleet as a Shore Experiences Assistant but was asked if he could step up to Manager to cover compassionate leave. Considering he has been away from his role for 16 months, and with all the new protocols to contend with, this was a big ask. He used Listen and Learn to absorb all the information he needed to step up quickly and lead a safe and successful call to UK ports of Greenock and Liverpool. He also used Improve to develop better ways of working with his team to enhance guest experience for those tours.

“Andrew demonstrated Communicate when there was a late change to Greenock and he had to move all guests to a new tour schedule, ensuring everyone was informed and re-booked. He has gone so much further than stepping in and covering and has now delivered a successful first international Shore Experiences operation in Cadiz for over 800 guests. He shows Respect and Protect by meticulously planning the communications to all guests and works with local agents to ensure everyone is protected through our protocols. A truly great contribution in so many areas.” 

HESS Heroes: James Wilson and Christian Agnas, Deck Team, Ventura
“James and Christian saw someone sitting on a balcony rail to sun themselves and in clear danger of falling over the side. Quick thinking and prompt action ensured the person came back off the rail safely and avoided a potential tragedy.”

Georgia Reilly, Reception, Iona
“Twelve guest nominations all singled out George for her professionalism, friendly manner and ability to ‘save the day’. She helps our guests each and every day, resolving many concerns from shop refunds to children’s health worries. As one guest put it: We want to thank George for salvaging our holiday – P&O Cruises are lucky to have you in the team.”

Yash Kori, Security, Iona
“Yash’s actions protected our guests and ship’s company by preventing a breach of the ship’s security when a man approached and tried to gain access. Yash did an excellent job in communicating with the man and quickly established he was not legitimately on the quayside.

“He notified SECO and the Bridge and ensured that the bottom of the gangway was covered by another team member, before then going into the terminal to raise the alarm. Yash then assisted terminal security to find the man and remove him from the port.”

Headliners Theatre Company, Ventura
“Our amazing Headliners Theatre Company performers put on a show at very short notice for the crew. This was a last minute event to celebrate the ship successfully stepping down from a higher state of Covid-19 restrictions, and to recognise and reward the crew for having worked through an extended period of restrictions where they could not socialise, meet up, and had little to look forward to out of their normal working routine.

“The team put on an extract from Astonishing and did a high energy musical number and performed some amazing illusions! It was a great show, put on with a such willingness to give the crew a moment to enjoy at the end of a long and intense period of restrictions. The crew received the show very enthusiastically and were immensely grateful for being given the opportunity to share a fantastic moment to be entertained and enjoy themselves.”

Quarantine Housekeeping and F&B teams, Iona
“These teams have worked together to provide excellent service and support the entire ship in keeping everyone safe and well; not only when colleagues first come on board, but also when guests and crew are quarantined and isolated. They’ve developed new ways of working and responded to constant change – the entire ship can be proud of their contribution.”


Swaroop Plamthottathil, F&B Officer’s Mess, Ventura
“Swaroop shines every day, greeting everyone with a smile and asks how you are. He’s very attentive and helps getting everyone what they need.”

HR Team, Iona
“The team have welcomed 150+ new colleagues each turnaround since early January in a timely and patient manner. This huge task has required close liaison with the Rotations Team ashore, Fleet Travel, the on-board Medical Team and Port Agents in Southampton, resulting a smooth process whilst still treating everyone as individuals.”

Room Service Team, Iona
“The team went out of their comfort zone by taking care of more than 200 quarantine cabins every day. It was very challenging with various Covid-19 rules and regulations but they worked as a team and managed it very well.”

Congratulations to all of our fantastic winners and thank you for all your hard work.  

Remember to recognise your colleagues!

Know someone who’s demonstrated an outstanding example of bringing our Culture Essentials to life, or delivered exceptional service for our guests? Show them some appreciation and nominate them for an award…

  • Fleet colleagues: Complete a nomination card and post it in the nomination box on board. 

Don’t forget both fleet and shoreside colleagues can nominate each other too!

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