As part of our Celebrating My Best Me season, we’re celebrating the diversity and achievements of colleagues at Carnival UK.

At Carnival UK we’re proud to be able to offer people brilliant opportunities to unlock their potential and grow personally and professionally. Konstantin Radev started his Cunard career as a Bar Waiter and is now in the succession pool for 2nd Engineer. Here’s his story:  

“My career with Cunard started long ago and like all good things, started with a dream. Back in 2004 I was working with a different cruise company and in one of the ports I saw the magnificent Queen Mary 2. I fell in love with the ship right away and promised myself that one day I will be working on her. 

In 2005 I successfully passed the interview for Bar Waiter on QM2. In just three months I was promoted to a Bartender and soon enough Bar Supervisor. That was a position that really appealed to me because I was still able to do what i love; interacting with our Guests, while also leading a team. After seven years on board QM2 I moved to Queen Elizabeth.

Konstantin (centre) with the QM2 Bar Team

While I really enjoyed being part of the hotel department, my dream was to be an engineer. I already had an engineering background and a Master’s degree in Automotive Engineering. In 2014 I decided to take a second Masters, this time in Marine Engineering.

I wanted a challenge and to make change for myself and others around me, taking on a greater responsibility while continuing my commitment with Cunard who I have been dedicated to for the last ten years and who have who recognised and rewarded me for my performance.

With the support and supervision of the engineering and bars team on board, and colleagues in Carnival House, in 2015 I began engine room training on Queen Elizabeth while still working as Bar Supervisor. They were busy and long working hours, but I was really excited about the new opportunities and I knew I had the full support of my colleagues. 

Just after my Marine Engineering graduation, I achieved the position of Engineering Cadet, working first on Oceana then Oriana. I progressed to 3rd Engineer where I spent two years working successfully on board. I’ve just passed my 2nd Engineer interview which is the highlight of my engineering career!

The transition from being a Bar Waiter to Engineer Officer was not easy at all but I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved through the opportunities I’ve had. What makes me even more proud is to see other hotel department colleagues making big career changes – a bartender friend has graduated from the Naval Academy, is working in the engine room and shadowing Environmental Officers while still working in the bars, and a bar supervisor is following his passion and training with the Pastry Chefs on board. 

I am happy to see Carnival UK creating new opportunities and supporting colleagues to follow their dreams and reach for their goals for professional development.”

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