As many of you know, we’ve had a few of these challenges over the past couple of years to help you (if you need it!) to get physically active (and maybe a little bit competitive) during the grey and dark winter months, not to mention all the fun of the holiday season leaving everyone a little lacking in motivation.

It’s no secret that taking part in physical activity not only improves your physical health and wellbeing but also your mental health too through the release of chemicals to the brain. So, what better way to kick start your 2024 than taking part.


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Week 1The all important teamsWhat’s involved?
In teams of six, the distance that you travel will take you from port to port (distances calculated as the crow flies), mirroring the same itinerary that Queen Victoria will be travelling over the coming months whilst on her world cruise.

San Francisco to Southampton, 6 February 2024 | 81 Nt | Queen Victoria | 06 February 2024 | Cunard | IgluCruise

How will it work?
You can either create your own team (maximum of six members, no minimum) and nominate a captain or enter as an individual and we’ll add you to a team, the choice is yours.

As a team you will work together to travel as far as possible – you can run, walk (walking around your home, the shops, the office etc. counts too!), cycle, swim, the distance, doing whatever type of activity you like, it just needs to be an activity that you can measure the distance you have travelled and is done under your own steam – no motorised vehicles allowed!

As in previous challenges, we will apply a factor of three for any running, walking, climbing, swimming or rowing which means 1km of any of these activities = 3km contribution to the team’s distance. Just to be clear, there is no factor for cycling, 1km of cycling = 1km contribution.

Due to the overall distance of this challenge, over 62,000KM, we will be applying a conversion factor to give us all a fighting chance of completing the full itinerary, we’ll share more details on this once the challenge starts.

When will the challenge take place?
We will run the challenge in three stages, each stage lasting four weeks with a week’s rest in between to help recharge everyone’s batteries and of course strategise for the next stage!

The stages will break down as follows:

  • Stage one – w/c 8 January
  • Stage two – w/c 12 February
  • Stage three – w/c 18 March

Measuring the distance you have travelled
If you use a fitness tracker (Apple Watch, Fitbit etc.) then you can easily identify the distance you have travelled in a given time period. Most mobile phones will do the same measurement for you, just remember to take your phone with you! Or you can keep it really simple and map your walking, cycling, running route on to get the distance you are travelling.

Tracking your distance
Each team captain will be responsible for collating their team’s distance on a weekly basis and submitting it to the communications mailbox –





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