We regularly carry out audits on board all P&O Cruises ships to make sure we’re always delivering to the standards we promise our guests.

P&O Cruises “Hotel Standards” provide a clear framework for maintaining and replacing assets, enabling ship and shore colleagues to uphold high standards across the brand. This proactive approach leads to continual improvement in the overall condition of our ships.

The commitment and pride in maintaining our hotel spaces truly make a difference. By collaborating and ensuring we take the time, and attention to detail we can ensure that this Q1 audit is a success, the data will support plans for 2024 and ensure we are focusing on the things that matter the most.

“Our Q1 audits plays a vital role in upholding our high-quality standards and ensuring an exceptional guest experience. By clearly and concisely identifying areas that do not meet our standards, we provide our colleagues with the best opportunity to develop effective plans and deliver outstanding results. Time is never on our side, but we must prioritise this activity over the next 7 weeks. Together, we strive to create an unforgettable experience for our guests.”

Thomas Karlsson, Vice President Guest Experience, P&O Cruises

To access all resources including the handbook and assessment toolkit, as well as a short video update from Paul Ludlow, P&O Cruises President, click here.

Top tip – You can also use the search bar on The Insider to refer back to the guides, just search ‘Hotel Standards’.


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