On 10 January 2023, Mr Tyre Nichols of Memphis, USA sadly passed away after an incident that took place on 7 January involving severe gross misconduct from police officers. 

Within communities, we expect police officers to protect life and serve our communities with the highest regard for safety and humanity. Unfortunately, what we witnessed of the violent behaviour of the accused (now former) officers in the U.S. is the complete opposite.

At Carnival UK our stance is to be actively anti-racist, and understand that bias and prejudice can come from anywhere, even within communities that are of the same ethnic background. We will continue to work with our social justice partners to support our communities and fight for change. 

We understand that this tragic and senseless death will be profoundly traumatic and exhausting for our Black and Brown colleagues who have experienced such matters time and time again. If during this time you need extra support, we have many resources available, or please speak with your line manager directly to refer you to our onsite Occupational Health team. 

We will continue to work on how we can best support underrepresented minority groups and on how we can work on combating the injustices and inequities that plague our societies. If you would like to get involved with Carnival UK DE&I initiatives, please reach out to Asha Sorenson DEIE Manager: asha.sorenson@carnivalukgroup.com on how to join and be a part of our Employee Led Networks.

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