From 22 to 25 October, the five-day festival of lights, Diwali was celebrated around the world. Take a look at  how our colleagues on board Britannia celebrated in style…

On 24 October, the Seafarer’s Welfare Committee (SWC) organised a Diwali celebration for all colleagues to join in.

“Recognising different cultural celebrations onboard is a great way for us to learn about other people’s cultures. We wanted our Diwali event to be inclusive of all groups and all levels. It was a great two days of celebration – with lots of happy memories!” 
Rishi Chadha, Britannia HR Manager

A fabulous Diwali dinner was served in the mess room, with a mix of delicious, traditional Indian and European dishes for crew. This was followed by a Diwali party and Bollywood night in the crew bar, complete with DJ. The dress code for the event was traditional Indian wear, with prizes awarded for the best dressed!  

The judging panel consisted of a small group of crew and officers, with first prize awarded to Andrei Fatingana, and second prize to Abhishek Walzade, both from the Food & Beverage team.

To end the festivities, a game of ‘Diwali Crew Bingo’ was organised the following day. And to make things even more special, a free raffle draw was organised along with the bingo prizes.

“It was great to see so many of our crew from different nationalities and backgrounds take part in our Diwali event! Everyone had a great time!”
Rishi Chadha, Britannia HR Manager


More about Diwali

One of the most popular festivals of Hinduism, Diwali symbolises the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. Diwali is also a festival that brings  people together irrespective of their backgrounds.  

The evening party is a welcomed opportunity for family and friends to come together, enjoy a varied and plentiful selection of flavoursome food, and dance the night away. 

Diwali gives us hope for new beginnings – it brings all of us together in the spirit of celebration, joy, and happiness.

Together we can build a more inclusive culture for everyone

One of the things that makes us a great team is that we work with people from all over the world. We come from different cultures and backgrounds, have had different experiences, and often share different views.

Whilst we all know a little about each other’s cultures, there’s always more that we can learn and do to make sure that everyone feels respected and included.

To support you with this, we’ve launched a range of learning tools and activities – find out more here >

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