Building a more inclusive culture for everyone

Together we can build a more inclusive culture for everyone

The diversity of our people is one of the things that makes us great. But as humans we naturally find it easier to connect with some people more than others, usually because they are similar to us. Being curious and learning about each other is a great way to be more open-minded and play your part in helping everyone to feel respected and included.

As we continue to listen to colleagues speaking up, we’re understanding more about what we do well, and where we need to improve. This includes how we work across cultures, as well as tackling issues of favouritism and bias to make sure we treat everyone fairly.

We’ve got a range of learning tools and activities to help build your knowledge and play your part in building a more inclusive culture. Click on the links below to find out more…

Working on board is a fantastic way to meet new people from all around the world. Many colleagues make friends for life and it’s great that we’re able to joke with each other, but sometimes jokes can go too far. Click on the button below for a video and activities to help you and your teams learn more.

It’s not always easy to navigate our cultural values, similarities and differences. For example, what may be a sign of respect in one culture may be seen as disrespectful in another. To help with this, we have a range of nationality fact sheets as an introduction to different cultures, beliefs and behaviours.

We tend to find it easier to build connections and trust people who are similar to us. But when we’re at work, liking people who are the same as us isn’t always a good thing. It can lead to favouritism and treating some people better than others.

Whilst we all know a little about each other’s cultures there’s always more we can learn to help everyone feel respected and included. This includes knowledge around communication styles, the things that matter across cultures and the ways we like to work.

By using inclusive language, we can help make sure we’re being mindful and respectful of all our colleagues. To support with this, we have an Inclusive Language Guide as a starting point for you to further your knowledge and understanding of this area.

Creating a culture where everyone feels respected and included is up to all of us. Watch this short video from our colleagues talking about what this means to them:

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