Through feedback from fleet colleagues, we understand that it could be challenging at times to reach the right contact for individual queries.

To help address this concern, the Fleet People Operations Team has introduced a single access point for all individual fleet queries. This launch comes after four months (July – October) of trialing with the SMT, Fleet Officers and fleet colleagues from various ranks and nationalities onboard and on leave. 

Take a look at the latest FAQs here if you have any questions

These are some ways you can support us in making this initiative a success:

  • It’s important you fill in the query topic/ subject in the form correctly to receive a reply from the relevant team. Not doing so may cause a delay in response times and queries being prematurely closed if they’re directed to the wrong team.
  • Please only raise one request through the form – not through multiple sources as this will cause backlogs and lead to delays in response time.
  • This form should be used to contact our Fleet People Operations team only. Any queries that should be directed to other departments should not be raised on this form.
  • Head of Departments on board must continue to approach the rotations team directly and not use the form.
Who is this for?

This is for all fleet colleagues onboard and on leave.

 How do I raise a query?

Click here to raise a query. Once you are on the page, we recommend you bookmark it in your browser for easy access in the future. Fill in the details using the on-screen instructions to raise your query.

 When do I use it?

Use the link whenever you have a query relating to Rotations, Compliance, Employee Relations, Furlough, Travel, Resourcing, Onboarding, Reward, Pension, Benefits, Certification, Training, Payroll and Leave. You can also use it to request for an urgent call back in case of emergencies.

The process is designed in such a way that once your query is submitted, the relevant team will respond to it within an agreed timescale. For every new query raised, you’ll receive a unique reference number which should be used for all future communication on that query.

Any Medical or IT related queries need to be raised separately to the concerned department. All fleet colleagues are expected to continue communicating with their respective Global Talent Partners as usual. If onboard, colleagues should reach out to their line manager directly.

 How soon can I expect a response?

The normal response time for a query is 5 working days. For all urgent queries, you will receive a response within 2 working days.

 Will I be charged for accessing this link when onboard?

No, you can access the link for free when onboard.

 Why can’t I access the link?

Check your internet connection. If you are connected and still can’t access the link, check your browser and make sure you update it to the latest version. Supporting browsers – Edge 15, Firefox 53, Chrome 50, Safari 9 and Safari iOS 9.

The link to the form will also be available on all crew channels and relevant communications for ease of access, as well as the fleet dropdown on The Insider. So, good news if you’re part of our fleet and aren’t sure where to raise your question – you now have one place to go to!

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