We’re continuing to recruit more talent to help us deliver our plans for returning to service and achieve our business goals. 

Here are our latest crop of new colleagues – if you see them on a Zoom call, or around Carnival House, say hello and welcome them to the team!

Susanta Banerjee Administrator, Database
Stuart Edwards Manager, ePMO Analysis & Coordination 
Lindsay Kennedy  Manager, Finance Partnering 
Karis Yates  Consultant, Entertainment Booking
Sarah Neame  Analyst, Network and Communications
Lydia Robinson Consultant, Resourcing 
Charlotte Northwood  Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Chloe Main  Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Savana Dennett  Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Kym Smith  Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Isobel (Izzie) Stacey  Consultant, Resourcing & Onboarding 
Sam Price  Executive, Email Marketing 
Abi Taylor Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Abbie Cook Executive, Marketing 
Megan Mitchell  Consultant, Resourcing & Onboarding 
Hayley Moore  Senior Manager, Brand Development 
Elizabeth (Lizzi) Paull Senior Advisor, Health Services 
Molly Lawrence  Coordinator, Reservations 
Adrianna (Addy) Sinacola Coordinator, Reservations 
Samantha (Sammie) Schuster  Coordinator, Reservations 
Daniel Ayres (Nee William) Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Rebecca (Beckie) Gardener  Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Katie Officer  Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Carlos Jung  Coordinator, Reservations 
Megan McFarland  Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Charlotte Wilcox Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Tom Wooton Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Selina Shaw Representative, Guest Support 
Kathia Mouton ẻp. D’Cruz Representative, Guest Support 
Anastasia Petridou Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Daisy Ratcliffe Representative, Guest Support 
Shaun Anthony Leggett Representative, Guest Support 
Katie Louise Lodge Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Reuben James Stockwell Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Penelope (Penny) Robyn Durdel Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Marcia Motta  Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Ellie Aghedo  Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Jamie Keene Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Tee Maiswa Coordinator, Reservations 
Sandra Armes Coordinator, Reservations 
Joanna (Jo) Miles  Advisor, Personal Cruise 
Nicholas (Nick) Goddard Director, Maritime Operations
Sirish Modi Business Analyst
Richard Cross Contractor


We caught up with a couple of our latest recruits to find out a little more about them…

I’ve been working in IT for the last 16 years and always keen to take up new challenges. I started my career as an Oracle Developer and then gradually gained knowledge and expertise on Automation, DevOps, Agile methodologies and Cloud Computing. With 12 years of experience on Database Administration, I’ve successfully managed a diverse range of implementation, upgrade, migration and support projects in a variety of domains like Banking and Finance, Media and Information Services, Telecom etc.

Starting here as part of the IT Department  means I can’t wait to see my contribution aligning with the mission and vision of this incredible organisation.

I’m a traveller myself and always love visiting new locations and spots. I love to cook and explore various kinds of cuisine. – Susanta Banerjee

I’m very excited to have joined Carnival UK as a Business Analyst to work on CyberSecurity projects starting with IAM/PAM. This opportunity will allow me to apply my past experience and knowledge and also enhance my skills in this field to the benefit of CUK. I’ve specialised as a Business Analyst for over 20 years gaining experience in various organisations covering Finance, Retail, Health, Education and more recently Data Security.

I’m married with twin boys, currently in college. My interests are wide ranging when I get some time and include DIY, tropical plants, cooking and lots of techy stuff covering photography, 3D graphics, virtual reality and 3D printing. – Sirish Modi

Do you know someone who would be perfect to join the Carnival UK team? Take a look at our latest vacancies here

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