Construction of Arvia is well underway at Meyer Werft shipyard in Warnemunde, Germany, and we’re delighted to bring you an update on her build.

Like sister-ship Iona, our most technologically advanced and environmental ship yet runs on LNG (liquified natural gas), the cleanest, most efficient ship fuel system yet. And four little letters have got us very excited.

The FERU (floating engine room unit) has been safely installed in the shed at Meyer Werft. This vital section of the ship houses all the main engines and LNG tanks and is a wonder of maritime engineering. Manufactured by Neptun Werft (sister of Meyer Werft), the FERU is 140m long (nearly 16 London AEC Routemaster buses parked end-to-end), 42m wide (five Routemasters parked end-to-end) and weighs approximately 12,000 tons (that’s approximately the total weight of 1,633 kerbside Routemasters).

Take a look at the moving of the FERU below…

Now the FERU is in the hall, the build enters a new phase as the prefabricated blocks are mounted onto the
engine room section. We’ll bring you more of Arvia’s milestones over the coming months so watch this space!

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