Jerry, who joined Cunard ten years ago as Laundry staff is nowadays working as Assistant Laundry Manager. His current contract as Laundry Manager and Linenkeeper, which was a new position for him, started in November.

Amer started with Cunard as Utility Housekeeping on board Queen Elizabeth and has worked in many different areas: Crew Areas, Night Utility, Deck Steward, and Piccolo. He also worked as Relief Assistant Linen Keeper and in the Uniform Store; work experiences that come in handy for his current role in the Main Laundry and Uniform Store.

Jobs in the Main Laundry include washing all bed linen, towels, tablecloths, napkins, cleaning cloths, curtains and crew uniforms, assisting the Laundry Manager with monthly inventories and the issuing of uniforms to new joiners.

This is ‘A day in the life of…’ Jerry and Amer:

07:40     Breakfast time for Amer.

08:00     Jerry and Amer meet at the Laundry Office. Jerry usually starts his by checking emails and updating pest management logs, while Amer checks for any special projects for the day while preparing for same-day laundry and uniform processing.

08:15     Jerry goes for breakfast while Amer is starting his duties at the Main Laundry, making sure all the washing machines and dryers are working properly and draining the water from the steam.

08:40     Amer cleans the workplace and refills the empty containers of laundry detergent, fabric softener and destainer.

09:00     Jerry and Amer collect Crew and Officer uniforms for laundering from the designated drop off areas on Decks 7 and 8.

09:20     Tagging of each uniform item, checking of pockets to make sure they’re empty, and sorting items; whites, colours, jackets, coveralls and delicates.

09:40     Uniforms are taken to the Main Laundry and the washing programmes are set.

10:00     While Jerry oversees the start of the washing cycle, Amer heads to the Laundry chute to check on the linen drop of crew linen and towels. If any, he separates the items in preparation for the washing.

10:15     Jerry heads back to the office to check emails and to raise any laundry defects in the AMOS reporting system. In the meantime Amer reviews the Acute gastroenteritis (AGE) logs. If any linen and towels have been there for 72 hours, he sorts and washes them separately from other laundry.

10:30     The wash programme for the uniforms is finished. Amer separates the shirts, trousers and Chefs’ uniforms while Jerry performs a pest inspection of all the areas in the Main Laundry, including the Linen Room and Uniform Store to make sure that all pest traps are free of pests.

10:45     Pressing of uniforms.

11:50     Daily temperature check at the Housekeeping office before we head to the Lido for lunch with our colleagues.

12:00-15:00     Afternoon break: Jerry will try to call home and talk to his wife and two sons before they go to sleep. Amer will also call home and if time allows goes to the gym for a work out, or takes a nap before going back to work.

15:00     Jerry is back in the office and checks emails whilst Amer is starting his second shift with the pressing of remaining uniforms. Jerry joins Amer soon afterwards.

15:20     Time for the housekeeping linens to be laundered: all the towels are placed into the big washing machine. Duvet covers, pillowcases and bed sheets are placed in the other machines and the wash process is started.

15:40     Shower curtains are collected and washed.

16:00     All the uniforms have been pressed and Jerry and Amer prepare clean laundry and uniforms for delivery to the designated pick up area.

16:20     The wash programme for the towels is complete and they’re placed in the dryer for a short programme.

16:50     Shower curtains are placed in the dryer for ten minutes and are individually hung to dry afterwards.

17:40     Sorting of the bath towels and bathmats from the dryer before folding. Jerry goes to the Uniform Store Office for administration duties.

18:00     After heating up the pressing machine, the pressing of the bed sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases starts. Sometimes there are special projects such as washing heavy curtains from the Queens Room.

18:35     Cleaning up the area. Arrange all the laundry trolleys and remove the lint from the dryer.

18:40     Jerry is back in the office checking emails before completing safety checks to close down the Main Laundry.

18:50     Amer turns off all the machines and lights and double checks the Main Laundry.

19:00     Dinner time.

19:30     After dinner Amer and Jerry spend time with their colleagues, occasionally have a beer and talk to their family.

A word of thanks from Jerry and Amer:

We are blessed and thankful for being part of the team during the operational pause which allows us to provide for our families and to learn more about our department through role sharing when so many seafarers have been affected directly in ways none of us could have imagined.

Thank you for sharing Jerry and Amer!

Next week we will hear from Kerstin, Hotel Auditor/Finance Manager on board Queen Elizabeth!

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