At the end of last year you had conversations with your manager to reflect on your extraordinary achievements during what was a very challenging time for us all, and to set your Q1 performance goals. Now it’s the final week to set your personal development goals for 2021.

In 2020, we’ve all learned new skills and ways of doing things. Now it’s time to build on that by focusing on the future and the development you need to get ahead. As Simon mentioned in our End of Year Business Update, 2021 will also see us focusing on building an even better CUK by developing and living our Culture Essentials.

The development conversation window is open until 29 January for all Carnival UK shoreside colleagues.

What will you discuss in your development conversation?

Your manager will listen, guide and ask you questions so you can explore your strengths, development areas and ideas together. Be as open as you can. The more honest you are, the more you’ll get out of it and the more your manager will be able to Empower you to succeed. Together, you’ll then agree up to three clear and achievable development goals.

What development goals will you plan?

Your development goals focus on personal support to help you achieve such things as: 

  • Delivering your 2021 performance goals
  • Being the best you can be by living our Culture Essentials – In addition to the delivery of your performance goals, you’ll be assessed against Culture Essentials as the measure of how you do what you do. To support you, see these examples. Start to think about how you operate and set development goals that grow and shape the right behaviours. 
  • Getting you closer to your next career step
What do you need to do before your development conversation?
  • A bit of preparation will really help you make the most of the time with your manager. Before the conversation, take yourself through this five step plan which has everything you need to be ready with your thoughts and ideas.
  • Use the guide together with ‘My Best Me’ which you’ll find on The Cove. My Best Me makes planning and developing yourself easier than ever.

By the end of the conversation you’ll discuss and agree up to three achievable development goals.

What do you need to do after your development conversation?
  • Log your development goals in myHR Portal using this quick reference guide. (You’ll need to open the Bridge in Internet Explorer first.) 
  • Keep your development alive by reviewing your goals regularly
  • Remind yourself of our Culture Essentials so you can start to think about how you use 2021 to grow and shape the right behaviours to be the best you can be. 

If you have any questions please speak to your manager in the first instance or contact People Support team at or by calling 023 8065 6666.

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