It’s always heartwarming to see so many stories of how our colleagues go about their jobs, creating a great environment for those around them. Now that we’ve launched our Culture Essentials as our new set of values, we can’t wait to hear about how people are demonstrating them. Although they’re still really new to us, we know that there are already examples of how people are demonstrating that they, for example, Respect and Protect their colleagues or to Speak Up when they think we could be doing better.

Now’s your opportunity to give kudos to your colleagues who you think are doing an awesome job. Between 18 and 28 November, you can celebrate colleagues, who you believe, in quarter four, have demonstrated our Culture Essentials and exceeded expectation.

Nominate your colleagues here!

What are values awards?

Our Values Awards scheme exists to celebrate and showcase our colleagues who demonstrate our values and behaviours in their daily work, and reward those who go above and beyond in their efforts to create unforgettable holiday happiness for our Guests. When we are performing at our best we:

Speak Up – See something, do something
Improve – Focus on compliance and our performance as a team
Respect and Protect – Respect and protect our People, the planet, the law and our company

Additionally, our leaders:

Communicate – Talk openly about our values and priorities, and act as we expect others to
Listen & Learn – Listen to each other, be accountable for our actions and learn from our mistakes
Empower – Give our teams what they need to succeed

Although we have three Culture Essentials that are specifically for leaders, you can nominate any colleague who is demonstrating these, whether they lead people or not.

Who can take part?

All shoreside Carnival UK colleagues can nominate and be nominated for our Values Awards.

When do they take place?

We announce our values award winners every business quarter. The nomination window for Q4 is open between 18 – 28 November.

How does it work?

  1. The nomination window opens and votes are collated by business area.
  2. In each business area an individual winner, two runners up and one team winner will be selected by their Employee Experience Group. Due to the size of Shared Services, three winners, six runners up and three team winners will be chosen from this business area.
  3. The individual and team winners from each business area form the shortlist for our Values Awards.
  4. The ELT will select one individual winner and one team winner each quarter from the shortlist – this person /team become the quarter winners.

What prize do winners receive?

  • At a business area level all winners chosen by SLT will be awarded £100 of WOW points, 1st runners up £50 of WOW points and 2nd runners up £25 of WOW points.
  • An overall winner will be chosen by the ELT and will be awarded £200 of WOW points
  • There will also be a team winner recognised by the ELT.

Remember – send in your Nomination before by COB 28 November!

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