As you’ll be well aware, with our ships in layup and the reduction of our shore side operations, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt every part of our business.

As a result we are continuing to focus on preserving our resources for the continued support of compliant, environmentally sound and safe operations and to sustain and protect our business for the future.

It’s clear though that while our operations remain paused for the coming months, we need to make further changes to our ways of working to continue to build a stable platform from which both brands, and Carnival UK, can successfully re-emerge in the future.

To preserve our financial resources, we’ll be entering into a formal collective consultation with our fleet annualised officers as well as a handful of shore side employees on some proposed changes to their reward and benefit structure.

These impacted people have been informed already and the formal consultation will start on Monday 17 August 2020.

While the announcement of the collective consultation will be unsettling following the previous changes, we can confirm the proposed changes are to this population’s employee terms and conditions.

We’ll be able to share more information on the proposed changes once the consultation begins, in the meantime we’re providing Q&A for our impacted fleet and shore colleagues on The Insider.

As ever, such adjustments are made with a heavy heart.  We hugely appreciate the patience and understanding of all those involved.

Simon Palethorpe
President, Carnival UK

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