Having announced the exciting news that Gary Barlow has taken on the role of brand ambassador for P&O Cruises we thought we’d explain a bit more about his involvement in The 710 Club onboard Iona – and give you the chance to win some signed merch!

**Update – congratulations to our winner!* 

Congratulations to the winner of the signed Gary Barlow photo and book…Rachel Lilley!

Welcome to The 710 Club

As musical director of The 710 Club, Gary is set to make Iona’s intimate music bar the most exciting live music venue at sea. Showcasing an eclectic range of performances, curated to appeal to British music lovers, this atmospheric late-night music venue will offer an opportunity for up-and-coming musicians to get their break. This collaboration highlights P&O Cruises commitment to providing world-class entertainment on Iona that places music firmly at its heart.

In Gary’s own words… “I want The 710 Club to be a celebration of great music and great talent. As its musical director, I want to give a unique experience for people who love music as much as I do. Music’s been such a massive part of my life – and taken me on so many journeys and adventures. I’m hoping to pass this on to all the guests in my club.”

It will be a sophisticated bar that’s being crafted to Gary’s creative vision. Atmospheric and low-lit, the club will serve up live music with an unmistakably vintage vibe, stylish cocktails and the most important ingredient of all; a little escapism, to ensure the good times continue long into the night. Exclusively for adults, its stage will light up to the sounds of its talented resident band; a group guided by Gary. Yet his involvement runs far deeper; to choosing music for the club, selecting future performers and playlists and even shaping the interiors and signature cocktails.

Competition time

To be in with a chance of winning either a signed book or photo from Mr Barlow himself, all we need you to do is comment below describing why you’re a fan of Gary using lyrics from his songs. Make sure you submit your entries by close of business on Friday 24 January when we’ll pick a winner!

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  1. Gary is “Everything I’ve ever wanted” – “Im old enough now to know the reason I feel the way I do” – Ive followed you since the early Take That days. “Your everything Ive ever wanted and more, your in my mind, in my heart & in my soul” And I’d love to win a signed book!!!

  2. Have a little PATIENCE as IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE to show how THESE DAYS our LOVE LOVE for Gary and the boys SHINEs every time we TAKE THAT AND PARTY.

  3. Lorenda Holzmann on

    My commitment, my commitment is to live to love you
    I will hold you l will show you
    You can put your faith in me
    All of my life I’II be all that you need

  4. There’s a place, there’s a time in this life when you sing what you are feeling, Find your feet, stand your ground, don’t you see right now the WORLD is listening to what WE say…

  5. So there you go again, turning love into a question, you know it’s not hard to say, if this is for real or rejection (I’m ‘wondering’ if I’ll win a book!) 😀

  6. Bonnie Rickman on

    I don’t know where to start or how to begin. I am trying to think of what to do. Sure so sure, you’re such a big star to me, like a whirling cyclone in my mind. I’ve been on this path of life for so long, can’t stop this feeling inside. I found heaven.
    What can I do? All I do each night is pray, that today could be the greatest day of (MY!) life.
    I guess now its time for me to give up. But we all know, I’ve said it all, but just have a little patience.

  7. Suzanne Mitchell on

    You… You re such a big star to me
    Love Loved you since 1990 – Could it be magic ?
    We’ve come so far and we’ve reached so high
    So come on , I don’t know what you’re waiting for
    Don’t’ turn away , listen to what I got to say
    Everything changes but you , but we’re only people
    We gotta live for these days but all I do each night is pray
    That you’ll come back for good
    (….and that I win the GB book! :-))

  8. Silence please ‘Cause I’ve got something to say. Get ready for it… Since I saw you last, I travelled 6,000 miles, 30,000 feet just to see you. I’m so glad you took the time to say Hello, standing side by side and face to face. He gives his love and friendship to all. He’s written a million love songs and when the music plays the world comes alive. He is Mr Incredible, Mr Desirable, Mr Exceptional, Mr Everything. He is… Mr Gary Barlow – Eight letters, three words, one meaning xx

  9. deirdre.kenny@carnivalukgroup.com on

    YOU, such a big star to ME .. a million love songs later, here I am trying to tell you, that I care, and that I’d love to win this!

  10. Rebecca Goodman on

    Last Friday was the Greatest Day of our Carnival Lives.
    P&O Cruises made a new start, future customers are ours to find.
    We held our heads high, our arms were open wide. And the Atrium came alive when you were close to us.

    Gary, you’re such a big star to us, you’re everything Paul wants to be, we know exactly what there is to see, we never wanted you to leave.
    We were all just pushing along, trying to figure it out, out, out when you showed us that we can have it all, we can have it all.
    So come on, so come on, get it on, we don’t know what you’re waiting for, your time is coming don’t be late,
    So come on
    We want to see your face
    We will shine
    Just let us shine
    Let us. shine

    All we do each night is pray, hoping that Gary’ll come back to Carnival again some day. All we do each night is think, of all the times we closed the Carnival House doors to keep you safe within.

  11. So let me go life will get better
    Find the love I never gave ya
    I know you lie there waiting all night long, so find where you belong

  12. Michaela Pearson on

    Me when Gary Barlow left the office :'( …. ‘Whatever I said, whatever I did, I didn’t mean it’
    We all want him back for good!

  13. Fly High and let me win
    That 710 Club is going to begin
    When you sign that book for me then you’ll know
    I know this is gonna be a great new adventure
    And I know its right for you
    So Iona lets start this show…..

  14. He didn’t appear to be ‘Dying Inside’ when he met my sister in-law. He embodied the line ‘Gonna wear a suit and tie and put my bravest face on’ while in his car ‘trying to tell you’ ‘here I am’ ‘a million’ times when she asked for a photo. This brave man politely said I have to go, rather than ‘Let me Go’ and made her ‘world come(s) alive’. So this is why I’m a fan. I’ll ‘Never Forget’ how he makes time for the most enthusiastic fans. This is why he’s our ambassador! ‘Please don’t panic, it looks so tragic’ but here she is in her own words ‘hope you enjoy the show’

    “In 1992 ‘I found heaven’ and discovered Gary Barlow!
    He ‘ruled my world’ I live and ‘Love, love’ Gary and would die for Gary! My room was covered in posters, I even had links to other fans, where we swapped numbers hoping that finally the number would work, and I could speak to Gary.
    ‘When we were young’ and were ‘kidz’ I said ‘hey boy’ to my brother and took him to the hairdressers to have Gary’s haircut.
    When I was 15 my dad even ‘reach out’ to me one day and took myself and the family to Knutsford so I could try and find Gary’s house. Unfortunately, the sun didn’t ‘shine’ for me that day and we never found it
    Then in 1993 ‘patience’ was the key and I finally got tickets to see him!
    In 1996 there was a huge announcement I was ‘out of my Head’ ‘How could it come to this’ It was the day were Gary ‘said it all’ and Take That split up!
    I had to come home from college and I’m ‘sure’ I created ‘the flood’ from the amount I cried!
    From that day on ‘All I do each night is pray, Hopin’ that, I’ll be a part of you again someday’
    But, ‘get ready for it’ in 2006 it was the ‘greatest day’ of my life when Gary said Take That were ‘Back for Good’
    This was the point I had children who were brought up as Gary fans and were even made to call him Uncle Gary! But ‘These days’ I’m now an embarrassment with my Gary umbrella and dancing around the house!
    For 30 years I have been a huge fan of Gary’s and ‘could it be magic’ thanks to Carnival they created a day I will ‘never forget’ and I finally met him, so I am ‘happy now’!”

  15. Gary, Today this could be..the greatest day of my life
    And I love the way you Just sing from your heart, from your soul
    Rule the world…you rule my world 😉
    Yeah you and me we can light up the sky

    But you know I love you
    And we’ve come so far, and we reach so high
    Relight my fire and a signed photo will be my desire
    Lie to me and I will go for Robbie
    Oh, oh-oh-oh yeah GB
    Why cant I wake up with you 🙁 (a photo will do)

  16. Laurence Hinton on

    You’re such a big star to me, You’re everything I wanna be.
    *To the signed book* Baby I want you come, come, come into my arms. Let me feel the wonder of all of you.

    Oh I can see the future

  17. So, when I was 12 years old you arrived on the scene with Take That. What’s an hour a day? We threw one away, probably everyday!!
    I soon realized that I was “wasting my time running after” East 17, So every weekend we would “Take That and Party!”
    Then came the break-up and it was confirmed “it’s all real”, hopes dashed that it might just be E-17’s dream”. We moved on to Black Eyed Peas and CDs. Not forgetting Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow and Craig David who got me through my teens.
    I’ve only gotta minute, so I’ll fast forward to today….(“I seem to keep loosing track of time and how long it’s been)
    “I think I’m old enough to know now
    The reason I feel the way I do now”
    You’ve got me thinkin’ ’bout tomorrow…..Iona – It’s a gift, it’s a blessing, It’s a smile, it’s a space
    We’ve had it all and have it all to find, It’s a singalong so let’s sing along, Oh yeah
    It’s more than life, This is the life, with P&O, Wanna let the whole world know!

    Trust me “something good is gonna happen”, “could this be the magic at last”?

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