Back in January we ran a number of graduate assessment days to find some exceptional talent for both ship and shore to join our graduate programmes – we’re pleased to welcome our 2019 graduates.

Before we knew it September was here and we were delighted to welcome those successful candidates to Carnival House to embark on their fairly intensive two week induction. This included Executive Leadership Team meet and greets, Insights, brand propositions, health and wellbeing, team building sessions, ship visit, leadership expectations and really valuable time spent with the 2018 graduates, and much more. 

Now they’re settled in and experiencing what it means to create unforgettable holiday happiness. So, in case you come across them either onboard or in Carnival House, here they are… 

Hayden Lefley – 1st Year Finance
University: Bath University
Degree:  International Management
On Bucket List: Be an extra on a popular TV show
Inspiration: Simon Cowell

Nelson Santos – 1st Year Technology
University: Plymouth University
Degree: Computer & Information Security
On Bucket List: Getting on a cruise ship
Inspiration:  Evolution of technology

Chris Syder – 1st Year Strategy & Data
University: Southampton University
Degree:  Economics
On Bucket List: Travel in the USA
Inspiration: Creativity

Molly Braham – 2nd Year Onboard Hotel Operations
University: Plymouth University
Degree: Tourism & Hospitality Management (completed year 1 of the Hotel Graduate Programme in 2017 as a placement year – returning for year 2)
On Bucket List: Skydive over Mount Everest and step foot on all 7 continents
Inspiration: Sir David Attenborough

This is their chance to learn as much about us as an organisation as possible in a fairly short amount of time, and to support them in their development to be leaders of the future.

Good luck to our 2019 grads on their exciting journey!


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