We were recently recognised as finalists at the Employee Benefits Awards, in the ‘Best healthcare and wellbeing benefits’ category for our efforts during Women’s Health Month, last year, to raise awareness of the effects of menopause.

At Carnival UK, we’re passionate about creating a great place to work and keeping all our people safe and well. This means supporting our staff to do their best, and be at their best, whilst at work. That’s why, as you may remember, during Women’s Health Month, we looked at ways we can support our colleagues and managers, through a series of seminars in Carnival House and drop-in sessions on board our ships as well as producing a line manager and employee guide. 

‘I found the session very informative and helpful. It was great at breaking down boundaries, pre-conceptions and driving awareness. I think that talking about it will change everything, so let’s keep going!’ Mark, Vice President for Finance.

We also ran a follow up event on World Menopause day on 18 October 2018 focusing on different symptoms and it was really encouraging to see a number of people attend to keep the topic going.

We focused on the topic of menopause following feedback in our occupational health clinic appointments and following the broader knowledge of our national ageing workforce.

Although we didn’t win it’s great to be recognised for the work we did in trying to support our people!

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