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End-of-year conversations are an important part of our performance cycle at Carnival UK. They give an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve achieved against your goals and recognise the work you’ve accomplished over the year.

End-of-year conversations take place at the end of the performance year. They are your opportunity to shine and talk through everything you’ve achieved.

Preparation is key for a great end-of-year conversation. Here’s how you can get ready:

Ahead of your meeting, take time to reflect on your overall performance and development so you can bring your successes and learnings to life.

Consider what you’ve delivered against your goals for the past year and how you’ve achieved it, using our Culture Essentials to support you.

Asking your peers to provide you with feedback is another way you can assess your strengths and development areas. You can request feedback via myHR portal.

Take a look back over your goals, any check-in documents, previous performance conversations, discussions during 121s and any feedback from colleagues to help you reflect on what you’ve achieved.

Consider any challenges you’ve encountered, how you’ve overcome them, and your key learnings.


Think about the development you need to support your growth and career aspirations, using the guidance here to help.

Don’t forget to share feedback with your manager and how they can best support you. Click here to learn how you can make the most of it and here for some practical advice.


Capture your comments within the year-end conversation document on myHR portal and submit this to your manager before your meeting, so they have chance to review your notes before the conversation.

The end of year conversation needs to be completed in myHR portal by the end of the performance year.

During this meeting, you’ll also be given your Year-End performance rating for that performance year.

Are you a people manager? If you’d like some guidance on how to lead the performance conversation itself, download this guide to help you prepare. Don’t forget to add your comments to myHR portal and submit the document to the individual to complete the process.

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