What should I Speak Up about?

The simple answer is anything that doesn’t feel right or you think we could be doing better. We should all feel empowered to Speak Up, whether it’s something as simple as giving feedback to colleagues and suggesting improvements to our ways of working, or to report more serious issues such as:

  • Bullying, harassment or discrimination
  • Fraudulent and corrupt activities
  • Accounting and reporting issues
  • Employment issues including illegal actions and retaliations
  • Health, environmental, safety and security (HESS) issues including:
    • Illegal discharges of waste streams by our ships
    • Improper recording of waste disposal in ships’ record books
    • Any non-compliance with applicable environmental laws or regulations
    • Fraud or deliberate error in the shipboard or shoreside preparation, evaluation, review or audit of our ships
    • Fraud or deliberate error in maintaining the environmental records of the company
    • Suspicious activities
    • Non-compliance with health, environmental, safety and security (HESS) policies

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