In a quest to sprinkle a bit of magic into every cup, earlier this year we unveiled our secret weapon: the Barista Work Squad! Made up of four dynamic crew members led by Senior Supervisor, France Ostan, this squad is rewriting the playbook on onboard maintenance.

Their journey began with training sessions led by the wizards at FSS, where they honed their skills in the mystical arts of coffee machine wizardry. Their training paid off big time when they swooped into action in the Caribbean, fixing more machines than you can shake a stirring spoon at, ensuring that our guests never miss their morning brew.

But these heroes aren’t just about fixing machines; they’re spreading joy and camaraderie with every repair they tackle. Their infectious energy and passion for ensuring the perfect cuppa shine through in every maintenance task they undertake.

So, here’s to our Barista Work Squad—our unsung heroes behind the scenes, making sure every sip onboard is a taste of happiness. Let’s raise our mugs (or teacups) to these legends, who prove that saving the day can be as simple as brewing a great cup of coffee. Cheers to our Barista Heroes!

Above: a few of the team ‘in action’!

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