At Carnival UK, we strive to provide an inclusive and supportive work environment for our colleagues, with equal opportunities for professional growth throughout their career. 

To achieve this commitment, we need to fully understand our colleague diversity. By doing so, we’re able to tailor our employee experience and make sure we all have the same opportunities for development, progression and reward. We’re also able to identify where we can do better.

For this reason, all of us who work shoreside are being asked to update our personal information in myHR portal and share more details about ourselves.

The new mandatory personal details fields are: Gender, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Ethnicity, Country of Birth and Disability. You’ll find these fields in sections; Demographic info, Biographical Info and Disability Info.

When you open section ‘Demographic Info’ you’ll see fields ‘Teacher Reference Number’ and’ Off-payroll worker subject to 2020 rules’. Please ignore these – myHR portal is used by all of Carnival Corporation and these two fields aren’t relevant for CUK.

Why is it so important to update our personal details? Here’s eight reasons why:

  1. We’ve got the answers to the questions

Wherever we go everyone wants to know about us… information like our age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion and whether we have a disability. Why? Because it all matters and it makes us, us. By getting to know each other better we can make sure we all have the same opportunities for development, progression, and reward.

  1. It’s kept under lock and key

The data we share is held securely alongside our existing personal information in myHR portal and only qualified People Team colleagues have access to it. Find out more about the protections we have in place to comply with GDPR in our Employee Privacy Notice.

  1. It’s about everyone

Once we’ve updated our own data it becomes more about the collective. Higher completion rates give us real insight into how diverse our organisation really is.

  1. Be part of the discovered

It’s quite natural to feel protective of personal data; we’re always told to think twice before we share it. But, knowing more about our workforce means we can help identify where we can do better.

  1. Data = positive change

With data comes big responsibilities and huge possibilities. All personal information is respected and protected and only used for gaining insight into how to provide support and opportunities for us all.  

Our Gender Pay Gap reporting is a great example of this already in action. By using personal data to understand our ratio of male, female and non-binary colleagues, we’re able to see where we need to do better and are actively working towards a more balanced business.

  1. What if I don’t want to share?

That’s okay, it’s completely our choice, but you need to go into myHR portal and click the ‘Prefer not to say’ option otherwise we’ll keep receiving reminders to update our personal information.

  1. It’s simple. It’s quick. It’s easy!

All you need to do is log into myHR portal and visit the “Personal Details” section.

  1. Free to be me

To keep pace with changes in society and working closely with our employee networks, we’ve broadened the gender identity terms to enable us to freely express our choices. We’ve given a lot of thought to the data we’re collecting but my may have missed someone’s scenario. If anyone doesn’t feel represented in any of the questions, email Asha Sorenson Carnival UK’s Engagement and DEI Manager.

Note: it’s not possible to view all the gender identity options in the drop down on myHR portal. To select your gender, start typing in the search bar and it will appear. If you’d prefer not to say, type ‘prefer not to say’ and this option will appear.

What happens next?

Click here to visit myHR portal and update ‘Personal Details’ – see the red rectangle in the image below.

Thank you for helping to make sure everyone at Carnival UK has the same opportunities for development, progression and reward.

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