Just one day to go! As Queen Elizabeth prepares to return to service and once again create unforgettable holiday happiness for our guests, we’ve been catching up with a few of our colleagues on board to hear their stories.

Say hello to Warren Arnado, Mechanical Fitter:

Hello, my name is Warren and I’m from Cebu, the second largest city in the Philippines. I’ve been working at sea for almost 14 years now – I was very young when I joined!

I have three children. My eldest is 21, the second one is 20 and my youngest is 8 years old. I work at sea for them. It’s not easy being away from my family but, with my children getting older and college fees to pay, that’s what keeps me going. Maybe once the children are grown up and have their own jobs, I might stay at home and settle down!  

I’m a Mechanical Fitter on board which involves doing repair maintenance across the ship, including the engine as well as the hotel. I love the challenge of working with the engine as sometimes there can be surprising problems to resolve. I’ve learnt a lot from my colleagues as we all have different skills and expertise. 

Any top tips for the the new ways of working and protocols on board?

“It’s very important that we wear masks to protect ourselves and others. We all need to follow the social distancing and all of the protocols on board – washing hands and personal hygiene is now more important than ever. This is for everyone, to keep us all fit and well.”

How do you relax and look after your wellbeing after a busy day?

“I play table tennis every night, which might be why I am the champion on board! I started playing when I joined the ship and got better over time – it’s a great stress reliever for me. There are also a few of us who attend a spin class four days a week.

And last but not least, the big question… what are you most excited about returning to service?

“I am so excited to see all my friends back on board. It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen them.”

Thanks Warren for sharing your story! We wish you and all our colleagues on board Queen Elizabeth a fantastic season of creating unforgettable holiday happiness for our guests. 
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