This week we caught up with Chief Electrical Officer, Michael O’Donovan who’s just arrived on Queen Elizabeth – here’s a day in his life…

I’ve just embarked Queen Elizabeth at Southampton and as with all crew we’re required to complete a period in quarantine before commencing work. Thank you to the Housekeeping Team on board, led by Olga, for preparing the stateroom so well for my quarantine period. There’s great food daily from our Food & Beverage Team as well, my compliments to the Executive Chef Mark and his team.

My typical day at work will start at 6:30 with a cup of coffee before heading to the Engine Control Room to chat with the SEOW (Senior Engineering Officer of the Watch) about any issues that have come to their attention overnight that will need actioning. I then head to the Technical Office to check the daily work plan, my emails and add issues that have arose overnight from other departments.

7:15 – I meet up with the 1ETO (1st Electro Technical Officer) to discuss the day’s work plan and prioritise where necessary.

8:00 – We have the daily work meeting with Chief Engineer and other technical seniors.

8:30 – I  head to the Electrical Workshop and chat with the team, initially to see how they are then to see if there’s anything relevant or conflicts from the daily work meeting before starting the day’s work. Afterwards it’s time for breakfast.

9:00 – The morning is spent working on planned maintenance or repairs. During the morning I will make my way to the Bridge to talk to the Bridge Team and discuss the status of the Bridge equipment.

12:00 – It’s lunch time and a couple of hours to relax. If the weather is good then I take in some fresh air and walk around Promenade Deck.

14:00 – It’s back to work and my first place to visit is the Electrical  Workshop and get an update on progress to date or if there are any challenges with the day’s activities. I then complete any administrative work including emails and AMOS, the planned maintenance programme.

18:15 – Back at the Electrical Workshop where we discuss the day’s work, find out if there’s work to carry over, any new issues and planned maintenance. I catch up with the 1st Electro Technical Officer to discuss the basis of tomorrow’s work.

I then provide an update for the Chief Engineer on progress made during the day. My last task of the working day is to complete any outstanding paper work.

I usually head to the gym before dinner. After dinner I’ll usually check in with home and catch up with news there. Finish the night with a movie, television series or read.

Thank you Michael.

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