Great news – you can now officially submit your request to buy up to five days of extra leave or sell up to two days.

You have until Sunday 14 March to do this although we recommend doing this sooner rather than later so you have the opportunity to ask any questions and ensure you have processed the request correctly.

How does the scheme work this year?

If you request to buy additional holiday, deductions from salary will be made over nine months from 1 April to 31 December rather than the usual 12 – deductions will be larger each month but over a shorter period. Anyone who rolled over more than five days into 2021 won’t be eligible to sell any holiday which is subject to approval from your Line Manager and VP/Director.

What’s the process? 

Once you’ve had a think about what you want to do you’ll need to have an initial chat with your line manager to discuss your application as well as any carry over holiday and TOIL you have left to take before the end of April. You’ll then need to:

  • Apply for Holiday Trading on myHR portal (Here’s the guide on how)
  • Your line manager and Director/ Vice President will be advised of your application and will need to approve this. (This process varies slightly for Corporate Shipbuilding colleagues so please refer to your email)
  • You will be advised if your application was successful by 31 March before any salary exchange or sacrifice
  • Your holiday balance will be updated on HR Portal by mid-April

Your holiday trading exchange or sacrifice (depending on whether you’ve bought or sold leave) will start in April 2021. Please take a look at the scheme rules if you’re part-time.

Find out more
You can find out the full details of your Holiday Trading benefit on The Bridge including our Salary Calculator and scheme rules.

Don’t forget: If you weren’t on Sabbatical or Furlough, and still have holiday carried over from 2020, this will need to be taken by 30 April 2021.

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