This week we hear from Kerstin Jakobs, Hotel Auditor on board Queen Victoria who joined in October 2020.

In 1999 I started in the Dining Room as a Waitress on board Vistafjord and Queen Elizabeth 2. Having taken a 5 year break after Queen Elizabeth 2 I worked in hospitality in Munich, Germany where I live.  Returning to sea in October 2005 I joined our sister brand Seabourn as a Bar Waitress before joining Queen Mary 2 in February 2006, also as a Bar Waitress. While progressing through the different ranks within the Bar Department on all 3 Cunard ships I was given the chance to cover the position of F&B Services Manager onboard Queen Elizabeth.  It was during this time I was approached to work on the roll out of the new Time and Attendance system (TAA), which led me to work across all ships of the CUK Fleet for almost 10 months.  After the roll out of the TAA system I returned to the F&B Services Manager role this time across Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria before moving into a new career path in February 2020 as Hotel Auditor which is a role I had had experience in before.

During the Operational pause period as well as Hotel Auditor I am covering the duties of the Finance Manager and some of the Admin Manager. Additionally I support the Crew Lounge and assist the Crew Bartender with stock control. I also work very closely with the Inventory Manager to keep accurate check and control of our Food and Beverage inventory and associated cost.

This is my ‘A Day in the Life of…’

7:45        My day starts with a large coffee as I process a number of reports (i.e. Food and Hotel Cost, Souls On Board) which then get emailed to various Heads of Department onboard and shore side. These are being sent out first thing in the morning in order for all to have this information for the start their day. I do a quick check of TAA to see if there is any outstanding timesheets that need to be managed or signed off. If so I send a reminder email to the respective Head of Department.

9:30        Inventory Store spot checks for different items are conducted together with the Inventory Manager, Laundry Manager or we will conduct a Stock take re-count for the Crew Lounge with the Crew Bartender. This is the bulk of my role during the operational pause.

10:00     Every other week we are required to conduct a Crew Drill during which I am in charge of the Muster Station. Being in charge of the Muster Station means I am responsible for ensuring all of the ships company are in the Muster Station ready for evacuation.  And once a week I accompany the Hotel General Manager on Cabin Inspection.

11:00     In preparation of a crew change I will start to update the Emergency Muster List for any potential changes and print cards with Safety Induction Letters for the Quarantine Emergency Response Plan for those joining colleagues that will go into preventive quarantine for the next 14 days. On a weekly basis the Hotel General Manager and I also check the pest traps in the stores of our retail business partner and the Crew Shop. If required I send the complete Pest Management Log to Nutrastat.             

11:45     During lunch I like to catch up with friends in the Lido Buffet talking about anything but work.

12:30     I always check emails before going on an afternoon break to ensure I have actioned any tasks needed.

15:30     In the afternoon I am back in the office to check my emails, recording my cash holdings and any other tasks I am asked to do. I supervise the designated break time for Crew in mandatory preventive quarantine from 15:00 – 16:00.  Prior to arriving in Southampton I have various reports that need to be sent and I process any Landing Manifest for goods to land or transfer ship to ship.

16:30     Time to work with the Inventory Manager on another spot check in the store rooms or the Laundry Manager for Uniform Items or Linen. At a minimum of once a month I also conduct an audit of the float managed by the  Crew Services Manager. This can only be done once the Crew Office is closed for the day.

17:00     Catch up with the Hotel General Manager to discuss actions for the next couple of days.

18:30     I normally finish my day by having dinner in the Lido followed by meeting friends in the Crew Lounge for a movie, bingo, or quiz.

Thank you for sharing Kerstin! In two weeks we’ll hear from team Queen Mary 2!

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