Queen Elizabeth (QE) this year has an amazing itinerary around Alaska, and what better way to impress our Guests than by having an insider knowledge of some of the local breweries – that’s exactly what some of our colleagues on QE now have!

Our QE bar staff had an opportunity to visit the Alaskan Brewing Company brewery in Juneau to taste their most popular beers as well as limited craft beer additions. Some of Alaskan beers such as Husky IPA, Amber Ale and Freeride Pale Ale are available on board which go down a treat with our Guests.

From the explorers of the 1700s through the Gold Rush, many a thirsty Alaskan has been able to enjoy their locally made beers. Founded in 1986 by Mercy and Geoff Larson, who are still in charge of company today, the Alaskan Brewing Company is a regional brewery in Juneau, United States. The company’s beers have won awards at regional, national and international beer competitions. It’s also the 19th largest craft brewery in United States.

In 1998 , Alaskan Brewing became the first craft brewery in US to install and operate a carbon dioxide (CO2) reclamation system. The system captures and cleans carbon dioxide, a natural byproduct of the brewing process. During the fermentation process the yeast creates the byproduct of CO2. Alaskan uses CO2 to package the beer and purge oxygen from holding tanks. This eliminates the need to ship CO2 tanks into Juneau, ultimately being better for the environment.

Also Alaskan brewery has the unique design of mash filter press which allows them to reduce the amount of water, malt and hops needed to make their beer. This technology reduces the moisture content in the spent grains, which further reduces the energy required to convert spent grain into fuel to make steam.

Unfortunately there are no cows in Juneau so left over grain shipping to farmers and ranchers in the Pacific Northwest.

By visiting these local breweries it gives our bartenders a unique insight which they can share with our Guests and enhance their experience in our onboard bar lounges.



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