Day of the Seafarer 2019 – the Great Myth Buster!

Living and working on board is unique. For our our seafarer’s it’s a home-from-home where they can be their whole self, regardless of beliefs and background.

That’s why we’re celebrating Day of the Seafarer, to recognise our colleagues at sea and the diversity of our Carnival UK seafaring family.

To mark Day of the Seafarer we’re sharing some facts and stats about life at sea. Can you answer them all? (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the answers)

  1. Globally, how many seafarers are there living and working at sea? 
  2. How many crew cabins are on Ventura?
  3. Typically, how long does it take for a cadet to complete their cadetship and reach the rank of Third Officer?
  4. How many colleagues work at sea?
  5. How many seafarers will be working on Iona?



















1 -  around 1,500,000   2 - 641  3 - three years   4 -  14,655   5 - 1,800


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