It’s hard to believe that our 2018 fleet and shore graduates are about to embark on their second rotation already. Now they’re settled in and experiencing what it means to create unforgettable holiday happiness it seems a great opportunity to introduce them in case you come across them onboard or at Carnival House.

It only seems like 5 minutes ago that they were here at Carnival House going through a rather intensive induction back in September. Not many company inductions include fire fighting, etiquette training and a cruise to name just a few of the activities that they got involved with. So, here they are…

Jack Guy – 1st Year Finance
University: Reading
Degree:  Business Management
On Bucket List: Go on safari in South Africa
Inspiration: Grandad

Clare Poole – 1st Year Finance
University: Exeter
Degree: Mathematics
On Bucket List: Go to New Zealand
Inspiration: Kelly Holmes

Natalia Biernat – 1st Year Finance
University: Southampton
Degree: BSc (Hons) Economics & Management Sciences, and MSc Business Analytics & Finance
On Bucket List: Visit as many countries as possible
Inspiration: Leaders

Georgie Parkin – 1st Year Onboard HR
University: Royal Holloway
Degree: Drama & Creative Writing
On Bucket List: See the Northern Lights
Inspiration: Strong, fearless women

Nicola Spencer – 1st Year Onboard HR
University: Kingston
Degree: BSc (Hons) HR Management, and MSc Tourism & Hospitality
On Bucket List: Visit all Disney parks (50% done!)
Inspiration: Richard Branson

Holly Stevenson – 1st Year Onboard Hotel & Hospitality
University: Durham
Degree: Physical Geography
On Bucket List: Visit ancient history sites such as Machu Picchu
Inspiration: Mum

Charles Gooderham
University:  Southampton
Degree: English
On Bucket List: Lots of travel
Inspiration: Dad, and Elon Musk

We offer our graduates the opportunity to join an exciting yet complex operation that delivers globally to our Guests on a daily basis and this is their chance to learn as much about us as possible in a fairly short amount of time.

In September 2019 we are very much looking forward to welcoming 3 Technology, 1 Data Strategy, 1 Finance and 3 Onboard Hotel & Hospitality Graduates, taking our total numbers up to 21 graduates. We’ll be introducing them to the business very soon so watch this space.

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