Refit Lifecycle

Welcome to our Refit Lifecycle hub

Here you’ll find an overview of our refit programme across Carnival UK. The Refit Lifecycle brings together departments and teams from across CUK to define and manage our refits.

So, what do we do?

  • We drive, coordinate and support the refit strategy through a milestone-driven plan.
  • We identify risks and issues in advance, putting in place proactive plans which minimises or mitigates  impact.
  • We are the central point for coordination and communication for the business ensuring one single version of the truth during the planning and delivery phases of refits.
  • We bring together the right information, people, actions and processes to deliver best practice. 
  • We identify, support and manage change to ensure that the scope of a refit is understood and under control.
  • This will be paramount, as we build up to a very intensive period for refits over the next few years. 

Here’s an example of what a refit plan looks like

Our refit timeline

2023 – 2025 Refit Timeline


Refit / Out of Guest Operations Dates


22 October – 15 November 2023


5 – 21 April 2024

Queen Victoria

30 October – 14 November 2024


7 – 25 November 2024

Queen Elizabeth

26 February – 13 March 2025


7 – 27 March 2025


13 March – 1 April 2025


5 – 21 April 2025

These dates are subject to change


Key Contacts

Katy Hodges, Director Refit Lifecycle Programme

Pete Harvell, Project Manager Refit Lifecycle Programme

Nikki Lockhart, Commercial Manager Refit Lifecycle Programme

Sam Bell, Senior Manager Hotel Refits 

View Refit Phases Here

Have a question about refits? Why not come and see us in Lisbon (Carnival House, Floor 0)

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