IT Fundamentals

Welcome to Carnival UK, here you’ll find everything you need to get connected as well as a few helpful tips on getting the best from your Carnival UK Laptop and a few general FAQs.

Logging in to your laptop

Please login to your Laptop using the Default Login information provided by your line manager.

Connecting to VPN

You will need to connect to the VPN to access any Carnival UK Service, if you are not connected you will not be able to get emails, shared drives or other network locations.

Before connecting you will need to download the DUO Mobile app to your phone.

NOTE – Your manager will need to provide IT with your Mobile number before you start

You should of all received enrolment text message from DUO security a couple of days before your start date. To activate your DUO account please click on the link included in the text message and allow it to open in the DUO app, this will configure your DUO account.

When logging in from home you will need to access the DUO Global Protect client. You can access this through the Start Menu or the Icon tray in the bottom right.







You’ll be prompted to login to the VPN, the details for this are Network Username and Network Password.


The next step is the DUO screen shown below. This gives you the option to ‘Enter a passcode’, generated on your phone in the DUO mobile app. There is also a ‘Send me a push’ option which will send a notification to your phone, giving you the option to accept or decline. Once accepted, or your code is entered, the VPN will connect.




Email - Lotus Notes

Open IBM Notes from the icon on your desktop and enter the Default Password provided.

On the left hand side you’ll find the toolbar, click on the envelope which will open your Email inbox


Sametime is the Instant messaging service used  Carnival UK, its located on the right side of Lotus Notes, you add users from all the business to your contact list.





Accessing Zoom

Zoom is our video calling and instant messaging software, used by all staff across the business. For help with logging in and accessing Zoom please visit this will show you a step by step guide to logging in.

Backing up your Data

To ensure that you don’t lose any of your work we recommend you save your document to your home (H) drive or shared department drives. Should you save things locally on your desktop or in documents then you’ll need to run the End of Day Backup icon on your Desktop which will take a copy of your files and save it to your home (H) drive location.

Where to go for help?

The Service Desk and wider IT teams are here to help and support you and your colleagues. The IT Service Desk Primarily deal with two different types of tickets, Incidents and Service Requests.

Incidents are used when something is not working as it expected, for example an error when loading an application or a laptop not turning on.

 Service Requests are used for information, advice, a standard change, or access to a service. For example a service request would be used to request access to a shared folder or system, or a service request is used to request installation on software.

Before raising a service request, please check HERE for common software which you can install manually.

Note You can contact the service desk on 02380 65 6000, any high or critical incidents affecting multiple users or services should be logged via the phone number above. Incidents can also be raised via the Incident Web Form on the Insider, please note that processing times are longer than for incident logged by phone.

Advisors should not be contacted directly in order to raise or chase an incident or request. If Advisors are contacted, they will refer you towards the below processes to raise or chase incidents or requests.

Please regularly visit THIS page for updates from your IT team.

To contact the Service Desk please call 02380 656000, lines are open 8am till 5pm Monday to Friday.


If you require a Mobile Phone, your Manager is responsible for raising a service request for this but please be aware we have different lead times on Mobile Phones so you may receive this after your laptop.

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