Just and Fair Ethos

In a Commitment culture we all do the right thing because we believe in it and not just because we’re following the rules.

The Golden Rules will help us on this journey, so let’s remember them as we go about our day-to-day work.  A key part of this is to understand that we’re all being treated fairly when we speak up. A Just and Fair Ethos means that we’re held accountable if applicable, treated fairly and consistently. In this open reporting culture we’ll learn from mistakes and make sure they don’t happen again, helping us to reduce our incidents.

The Just and Fair Ethos Decision Tree is a tool for Managers to use to help them make decisions during their investigation process and ensure that everyone is treated fairly and consistently, this can be found on Global HESS. 

In a Just and Fair Ethos:
  • When there are incidents, these are investigated without looking for someone to blame.
  • Lessons are learned which will help to prevent similar incidents in the future, meaning we’re all continuously improving.
  • Reckless actions and violations aren’t tolerated and are treated appropriately.
  • People are treated in a consistent way because we’re using the Just and Fair Decision Tree. (Managers will receive a Just and Fair Ethos decision tree, to help them with decisions following an investigation).

The principles of a Just and Fair Ethos are critical for establishing a commitment culture in which we’re   willing to admit mistakes and know we’ll be treated fairly. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. 

What does a Just and Fair Ethos mean to me?
  • You’re treated fairly and consistently
  • You’re empowered to raise issues openly
  • You report accidents, incidents, near misses and mistakes
  • You can trust your manager, and your manager can trust you
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