We have a zero-tolerance approach to sexual harassment on board our ships and we want everyone to Speak Up about it. Here you’ll find a range of self-learning materials to support you to understand sexual harassment and what to do if you, or someone you know, experiences it.

Sexual harassment is unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature that makes someone feel uncomfortable, upset, threatened or embarrassed – whether the intention was to make the other person feel that way or not.

When it comes to sexual harassment, the impact of the behaviour on a person is more important than the intent. This means something may be considered sexual harassment, even if it wasn’t meant in a sexual way.

Consent is where both people agree to take part in any type of sexual activity. Only an enthusiastic “yes” that is freely given is consent. Anyone can say no, at any time – even if you are in the middle of a sexual activity.

There are many types of relationships including romantic relationships, friendships, family, work colleagues and cabin mates – all of which should be built on mutual respect and communication.

If you experience sexual harassment on our ships, we want you to Speak Up. We understand you may feel worried or upset about speaking up, but it’s important you do. This step-by-step guide explains how.

We all have a duty to look out for each other. If a friend or colleague tells you they are being sexually harassed or if you witness inappropriate behaviour, we want you to Speak Up and take action.

Additional support for managers and leaders:

As a manager, you have a duty to lead by example, protect your team from sexual harassment and encourage them to Speak Up against behaviour that makes them feel uncomfortable.

This guide has been designed to support managers and leaders to understand the spectrum of sexual harassment and misconduct, and the appropriate steps to take in managing a complaint.

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