Our amazing colleagues on board our ships work so hard to create unforgettable holiday happiness for our guests, so we’re taking a moment to shine a spotlight on them! Continuing our Holiday Heroes series, find out what makes them shine, hear about their roles, ambitions, hobbies, and what life is like working aboard our P&O Cruises ships.

First up, meet Senior Mixologist, Agus Gandi Adnvana…

Agus Gandi Adnvana is from the Indonesian island of Bali. He’s worked in bartending for 15 years, having started in the field aged 16, watching his bartender father in Bali. Before taking the position on Arvia, he worked on Iona and other P&O Cruises ships.

“As senior mixologist, it’s my job to maintain the quality of the cocktails on board and make sure all the bartenders are mixing the drinks correctly and taking cocktails here to the next level. I’m also a host. I talk to guests about the cocktails and the history behind them. I’m always smiling and joking with the guests.

As a mixologist, you can put your own twist on a cocktail. It’s my passion. It’s like a representation of my life, myself and what I have in my heart. I like inspiring people with my work. I like to make guests happy with new cocktails.

Many of them are inspired by the journey… in the Caribbean, many have a rum base. My favourite is ‘Silent Temptation’ with three types of Caribbean rum. My hobby is flair bartending, throwing some bottles, and sometimes breaking some glass! My father taught me how to do it. He was a bartender in one of the most famous hotels in Bali. In the beginning, I broke almost everything… but I was patient, and that hobby is now what I do. I love to travel, and I love the Caribbean. The islands and the beaches are beautiful. And the rum punch is beautiful! But my favourite place is Barcelona. It’s the best port – a unique, romantic place. In some ways, the Caribbean reminds me of Bali – it is a paradise island. I recently married my beautiful girlfriend there.”

Thank you Agus for sharing your story with us!

We’ll be sharing more of our P&O Cruises Holiday Heroes over the next few weeks, so be sure to keep a look out! Can’t wait? Meet them now on the P&O Cruises blog.

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